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Columbia, SC 29205-2001
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Phone: (803)386-8203

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RASA is a Sanskrit word that, most simply, means “Delight in Existence”. RASA’s philosophy is just this. We believe in the pursuit of a life that brings health, happiness, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

We offer massage, bodywork, spa, yoga, and health services that are unique and personalized for you. RASA is here to help you achieve your goals in balancing your body’s specific needs through massage techniques as well as support and guidance in healthy lifestyle choices.

We at RASA have a profound appreciation for the benefits of simple relaxation and believe it to be a fundamental part of your health and recovery from whatever ails you. For this reason, RASA also provides several services to calm your mind and body.

Also available through RASA are body-contouring services. We want you to feel great about all aspects of who you are and feeling great about how you look can be important to your overall health as well. Lypossage, the body contouring technique used at RASA is also detoxifying.

RASA is committed to practicing eco-friendly business. We use eco-friendly, natural, and organic products as often as we can. We also recycle and limit the use of disposable goods and fossil fuels. We are always looking for ways to continue to reduce our impact on the environment and will be improving our efforts to be eco-friendly whenever possible.