Andrew G. Abramson

Synergy Sports & Corrective Massage, LLC

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40 Morris Avenue
Suite 120
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
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Phone: (610)457-5979

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Treatments Provided Include the following... 

Corrective: Aleviate acute and chronic issues, address scar tissue restrictions, and detoxify your body. 

Sports/Deep Tissue: Improve performance, minimize healing time, and reduce potential injury. Helpful for professional, collegiate, high school, middle school and recreational athletes.

Restorative: Increase circulation and blood-flow, decrease tension and increase relaxation. Helpful for people on the go.  

"The benefits of effective corrective treatment can
be life changing. Our body has the unique ability
to self-repair, but at times, because of trauma, over
exertion or chronic pain, we need support and
expertise to assist with the healing process."