Alona Bonanno

Roots of Wellbeing

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Santa Fe, NM 87505
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Phone: (505)310-1121


Alona learned medicinal touch from her mother, her first teacher & client, who managed her own chronic conditions with massage & energy work. Alona continues to study energy healing & massage therapy from a variety of perspectives. She began in professional practice in 1999. She is a graduate of New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, and has worked in multidisciplinary apprenticeships in Colorado & New Mexico. She continues to experience the benefits of massage, and energy work, as a practitioner & client, and considers them essential to self care & nearly every healing journey. Her skills in perceiving imbalances & blockages in the body allow you to gain relief from tension & pain, achieve relaxation, and be restored to an overall sense of wellbeing. Alona trusts in the innate wisdom of our being & understands there is no condition that cannot be improved, given compassionate attention, and care.