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Avalon Holistic Therapies, LLC

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1675 SW Marlow Ave.
Suite 315
Portland, OR 97225
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Phone: (503)544-2463

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At Avalon Holistic Therapies we strive to be present and open to our client’s needs as they move through their unique path; assisting the healing process through the medium of their physical body. We balance knowledge of the subtle and energetic body, with sound technical and anatomical priciples of Bodywork. We strive to be knowledgable and caring, thus providing an environment for true and beneficial change to occur. We thrive in an enviroment where client feedback is paramount and therapist skill and intuition is trusted.

Our focus is in restoring the body to ideal function and balance. Whether your goal is to relax and melt on the table, or to get rid of that pain you’ve been trying to ignore, you’ll come to enjoy quality Bodywork and consistency of service every time you come in.