Education Sessions - Saturday

AMTA 2010 National Convention Education Sessions and Speaker Information

Saturday, September 25, 8:00am-Noon

Advances in Soft Tissue Therapy: Soft Tissue Release of the Cranial Base - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT

Instructor: Paul St. John

This session is repeated.  See course description and materials required on Friday.

Massage for Athletes - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT 

Instructor: Samuel Blechman

Samuel Blechman, LMT, is an instructor and course developer for the massage therapy degree program. Blechman is a former coach of Russian Olympic athletes and a successful entrepreneur in private practice.

Learn skills of the most advanced form of therapeutic massage available to stimulate, relax and balance muscle tone.  Instantly eliminate spasms and cramps.  This course will teach you the basics of pre-, post-, and inter- event massage.  Participants will be actively involved in hands on practice.

Materials Required: Massage table, sheets, pillow or bolster, pillowcases, towel and oil or cream.

Hand and Forearm Pain - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT

Instructor: Judith DeLany

This session is repeated.  See course description and materials required on Friday.



Massage and Medications: When is Therapy Dangerous? - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Jeannette Vaupel

Jeannette Vaupel, RN, BSN, LMT, NCTMB has maintained an active RN license in Illinois for 37 years and a massage therapy career since 1986.  After owning a massage therapy school for nearly 14 years, she has devoted her career to teaching in a community college based program and offering approved provider continuing education classes.

Massage for clients on medication may need to be altered.  In this session you will learn ways drugs are administered and the implications for timing of massage sessions.  You will also learn how to describe major adverse drug side effects and enumerate which classes for medications warrant proceeding with caution, as well as tips for assessing client’s knowledge of nutrient depletion from specific medications. 

Fully Exposed Ethical Dilemmas: Us and Us - 4 CE hours

Instructors: Nathan Nordstrom and Adam Parrott

We apply an active in-class presentation style that uses group activity and an interactive practical experience. By using the art of “story telling” we guide you in reflection of your personal experiences. Topics include: Scope of practice, Business responsibilities, Counter transference, Judgment, and Example. Participants may claim one (1) of the four (4) CE Hours awarded for this session towards NCBTMB’s Standard V requirement.



The Art and Craft of Teaching-  AMTA Perlinksi Award Recipients Session 1— [Teachers Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructors: Laurie Craig and Carole Osborne

 Laurie Craig, co-founder of Georgia Massage School,is a respected health science educator.  She has 25 years of experience in massage education and was the first professionally trained educator to bring her subject matter expertise to a Georgia massage therapy school.  She developed the first college level A&P course for massage therapists in Georgia.


Carole Osborne’s 35 professional years have focused on maternity and somato-emotional applications of bodywork. Best known for her workshop and books, she co-founded and teaches at the International Professional School of Bodywork. She was 2008 AMTA Perlinski Teacher of the Year.



Capturing and Maintaining Student Attention:  A passionate teacher is not enough to ensure student learning.  The instructor must capture the audience and keep them engaged in the learning process.  An anatomy and physiology topic will be used for purposes of demonstration.  A variety of techniques will be incorporated into this presentation.  The educator participants will observe and note the qualities that make an effective or ineffective presentation.

Managing Students’ Emotional Responses to Learning: Carole’s course will explore the ways that emotional reactions can occur in any class, including sciences.  Self-worth, performance or authority-related issues often surface; touch can stir varied emotional responses. Learn classroom management tools useful when students’ emotions emerge.  Explore tools for developing capacity to respond with neutrality, respect and compassion. Assess your classroom emotional management skills, leaving with some developmental directions.

Current Research: Pediatric Massage [Research Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructors: Shay Beider, Karen Boulanger Sean Phipps, PhD, Kate Sheridan, and Shannon Halpin

Instructor: Shay Beider  Kate Sheridan Instructor: Shannon Halpin

Shay Beider is a pediatric massage instructor and is considered to be an expert in the field. She is the founder and executive director of Integrative Touch for Kids, a non-profit committed to serving children with special needs and their families.

Karen Boulanger’s work in massage therapy includes clinical practice (half of her clientele are children), journal editing, program evaluation, research, and education. She is a Ph.D. Candidate, Community & Behavioral Health, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Sean Phipps, PhD is a clinical psychologist and Chair of the Department of Behavioral Medicine at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  His research interests involve interventions and outcomes re: coping and adjustment of children experiencing serious illness.

Kate Sheridan joined the Integrative Medicine Initiative at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL as a clinical research associate. Her primary role is to coordinate an NIH sponsored research project examining the impact of massage therapy and relaxation techniques in an unmediated HIV+ adolescent population.  Kate’s research and advocacy interests center on health disparities and expanding access to comprehensive health care. Kate will be presenting the research of Sheila Wang, PhD, LMT, which focuses on evaluating integrative medicine therapies, including massage therapy on pediatric patients in hospital and clinic settings

Shannon Halpin, LMP is a 2009 graduate of Cortiva Institute in Seattle.  She currently practices orthopedic massage at a physical therapy clinic in Shoreline, WA.

The stress experienced by children can have lifelong consequences in terms of cognitive, somatic, and emotional development. This symposium focuses on cutting-edge empirical research highlighting the ways in which pediatric massage can ameliorate the effects of disease, neglect, disability, and the simple daily rigors of maturation in modern society.

Demystifying the Benefits of Spa and Spa Therapies [Spa Track] – 4 CE Hours

Instructors: Diane Trieste and Ann Marie Brown

Diane Trieste is a principal of Strategic Spa Solutions, LLC a spa and wellness development company providing comprehensive strategic planning, concept & creative design, development & construction services, operational set-up, training/advanced education and management support. In addition, Diane is a past ISPA Board Member, a licensed massage therapist, writes for several industry magazines and is a public speaker at national and international industry conventions. 


With experience in nearly every aspect of the spa business, Ann Marie Brown follows a holistic approach in her education and her health philosophy. Currently she serves as Spa Director at Spa Shiki in Lake Ozark, Missouri and is on the Board of the International Spa Association (ISPA). She is also a founding member of ASTECC (American Spa Therapy Education and Certification Council

Presented in coordination with the International Spa Association (ISPA).

Join this eclectic dynamic duo with a combined 60 years experience working within the spa environment to learn about the history and importance of spa. In addition, review the principles of hydrotherapy and thermalism and experience hands-on the benefits of hot and cold compress applications. Gain an understanding of the mechanical & biochemical principals of water and the influence of temperature on the circulatory system. Also review hands-on thalassotherapy and learn about the principle of thermal constancy and health benefits of the marine climate and the emphasis on the use of mineral rich seawater and marine plants in spa treatments.

Materials Required: massage table and linens.

Saturday PM  1:30pm - 5:30pm

The Role of Massage Therapy Within Integrative Medicine at an Acute Care Hospital [Health Care Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructors:  Wendy Farrar, Jeremy Miller, Mollie O’Brien, and Lori Knutson


Wendy Farrar, NCTMB, Jeremy Miller, LMT, NCTMB and Mollie O’Brien, MA, NCTMB are integrative health practitioners at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing Inpatient Program at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.  These NCTMB certified therapists are cross-trained in various modalities, each practitioner provides holistic care at the hospital bedside. Lori Knutson, RN, BSN, HN, BC is the executive director of PGIHH.

The class will highlight the role of massage within an integrative health team in a hospital setting.  Topics will include: holistic approach, scope of work, patient assessment and care coordination, practitioner resilience, documentation, research, education and the acute care setting.  The class will include interactive experiential components and a question-answer session.

Introduction to Structural Relief Therapy (Hands On) - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT


Instructor: Taya Countryman

Taya Countryman has been practicing since 1977, specializing in complex and chronic medical conditions.  Past experience includes work at the Everett Providence Hospital Pain Control Center, WA State Massage Board and for the 1987 WA Law Revision recognizing massage as health care.

Based on osteopathic principles, SRT is a gentle technique to stop involuntary muscle contraction, instantly increase ROM, and dramatically decrease pain. SRT positions the body to reprogram jammed neurological signals between the muscles and the brain. SRT is a tool every therapist needs. Taya makes class fun with detailed handouts.

Materials Required: Massage table, bottom sheet and pillow/bolster.

Dynamic Massage, Awareness Activities for Self Care and Client Education - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Winifred Crumrine

Winifred Crumrine, MS, LMBT, is president of Body Knowledge Inc., Raleigh, NC.  Winifred integrates material from her background in movement fundamentals, therapeutic exercise and kinesiology to build a unique workshop experience.

Dynamic Alignment is an experiential class that uses detailed movement to enhance the practitioner’s body mechanics and postural cues.  Practicing gentle yet powerful movement patterns individually and with partners will bring to focus optimal joint movement and overall alignment.  The material can be used to improve the therapist’s self-care and to educate the client.

Materials Required: Attendees should wear easy-to-move-in clothing and bring a yoga mat or bath towel.

Emotional Intelligence at Work - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Patricia Pippert

Patricia Pippert blends her background as a television actress with 25+ years business experience to deliver dynamic and practical training programs.  She holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Management and teaches for the American Management Association.

This class will give an overview of the five components of Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills) and check participant’s current level of understanding of these components through self assessment. You will learn about the nature of emotions and the impact they have on people physically, psychologically and mentally.

Exploring the Spa World [Spa Track] - 4 CE hours


Instructor: Matthew Howe

Matthew Howe has worked for the biggest and the best in the spa world for over 9 years. Mr. Howe educates massage professionals on bringing spa concepts and treatments into any practice.  

The spa world holds many secrets and ways to improve any massage practice.  How spa trends mirror massage trends, employer expectations, customer service ideas and modality integration are just a few topics that we will touch on. Spa world lessons can help your practice flourish. 

The Art and Craft of Teaching-  AMTA Perlinksi Award Recipients Session 2 [Teachers Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructors: Dianne Polseno

Dianne Polseno is a nurse, licensed massage therapist and national educator.  She has 20 years of experience in massage and massage education and is the president of Cortiva Institute- Boston.  She is the recipient of many AMTA awards of recognition, including the 2006 Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award, and is an ethics columnist for MTJ.

 Teaching Tips for the Sage on Stage: Dianne began her teaching career in her garage at age six where her class was imaginary.  How did she get from there to being the recipient of the 2006 Perlinski Award without any formal education in becoming a teacher? In Dianne’s presentation, she will share the principles, concepts and activities she used as an educator for the past 20 years in classrooms with massage therapists, physical therapists and physicians.  These include how to integrate structure and flow, managing difficult students, methods that hook the class on the first day and the power of passion.

Presentation Update:
Carey Smith is unfortunately no longer able to speak as part of the presentation titled ‘The Art and Craft of Teaching – Perlinski Award Recipients, part 2”. This does not impact Dianne Polseno’s presentation as she will present her information as scheduled on Saturday, September 25, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. In place of Ms. Smith’s presentation, we will conduct an open forum on the topic of creating and managing a student massage clinic.

This open forum is an opportunity for the attendees to share information and experiences they have had in managing a massage therapy student clinic. Attendees are invited to contribute their information and resources to this open forum as it is structured to be an exchange of information. We will be gathering the information presented in this forum into a “best practices” document which will be distributed to the attendees at a later time.

A moderator(s) will help facilitate the session. If you have any materials (i.e., policy manual, procedures manual or guidelines) related to your student clinic that you think may help inform the conversation, we invite you to consider bringing a copy with you to this session to share with others.

Cancer and Massage Therapy: What Does the Research Say? [Research Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Tracy Walton

Tracy Walton, LMT, MS, is a massage therapist, researcher and educator in massage and cancer care, with 20 years in practice. She has worked on NIH-sponsored research on people with cancer and their caregivers. 

Research and interest in massage therapy is growing, and there is special interest in the role of massage in cancer care.  In this lively course, we will take a look at the best evidence supporting massage therapy for people with cancer.  In a clear, easy-to-understand format we will review and evaluate current research.

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