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AMTA 2010 National Convention Education Sessions and Speaker Information

Friday, September 24, 8:00am-Noon

Advances in Soft Tissue Therapy: Soft Tissue Release of the Cranial Base - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT

Instructor: Paul St. John

Paul St. John, developer of the St. John Method of Neuromuscular Therapy and Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy, is a true innovator in the field of massage therapy. He has lectured and taught for over 25 years internationally, while maintaining a private practice in Clearwater, FL.

Learn special techniques designed to decompress the intervertebral cervical joints with special emphasis on the atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial joints, techniques that also mobilize the soft tissues that attach to the occipital ridge including the attachments on the temporal bone and occiput. You will learn neurological laws that explain the rapid mobilization usually seen by administering these techniques. Systemic changes throughout the whole musculo-skeletal system are also frequently observed and this result will be explained by understanding the many control centers that exist in the brain stem.

Materials Required: Massage table, pillow or bolster, and Sheets.

Toolbox: Individual Techniques for the Cervical SpineYour Massage  (Hands On) - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT

Instructor: Michael Hovi

Mike Hovi is a practicing massage therapist and massage instructor, serving as Program Director at The Soma Institute in Chicago since 2001. Mike has provided massage for two Olympics, with River Dance, at 18 consecutive Chicago Marathons, and has taught in the CAM Classes on Massage Therapy to the Medical students at the University of Illinois-Chicago since 2004.

Looking for more techniques to enhance your massage sessions? Tired of saying “I just don’t know what else to try?” Then try this hands-on class. Attendees will be introduced to a multitude of individual techniques that can easily be utilized in a clinical and/or wellness based massage session.

Materials Required: table, linens, lotion and hand cleaner. Work will not require chest undraping as long as shoulders can be exposed.

Geriatric Massage - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Susan Salvo

Susan Salvo is the director of the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy and author of several books on massage. She’s a member of the test writing committee, the FSMTB standard setting team, the AMTA- Louisiana Chapter and the Task Force for the MTBOK project.

The elderly are the fastest growing segment of the population and present massage therapists with unique challenges. There are obvious physical changes, sensorineural deficits, predisposition to injury, chronic medical conditions, medications, lifestyle and emotional changes. This workshop provides therapists with information to cultivate a new set of skills to meet the needs of our seniors.

Incorporating Movement Into Massage, 8:00am-5:30pm (Hands On) - 8 CE hours SOLD OUT

Instructor: Lee Stang

Lee Stang is certified by and teaches in the OMERI program. She has operated a private orthopedic massage clinic for the past 15 years and also conducts educational seminars throughout New England. She has been teaching clinical massage and anatomy and physiology at the CT Center for Massage Therapy for 14 years.

Incorporate specific active and passive movement techniques throughout the neck, shoulder and pelvic girdles. Learn to engage your client actively to assist in their awareness of movements and restrictions. Facilitate the release of hypertonic muscles, improve circulation, break up adhesions and scar tissue and improve overall range of motion. Excellent work to address issues of chronic pain and limited mobility. Take home techniques you can immediately incorporate.

Materials Required: Table, linens, towels, oils/lotions and bolsters.

Gestating a Maternity Massage Therapy Practice - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Carole Osborne

Carole Osborne’s 35 professional years have focused on maternity and somato-emotional applications of bodywork. Best known for her workshop and books, she co-founded and teaches at the International Professional School of Bodywork. She was 2008 AMTA Perlinski Teacher of the Year.

Nurture your dream of a profitable and rewarding pre- and perinatal massage therapy practice. Develop your communications and networking skills with other perinatal health care providers. Grow successful strategies for marketing, record keeping, and meeting ethical and career longevity issues unique to working with expectant, laboring and postpartum women.

Materials Required: 10 copies of your own marketing materials (if feedback desired).

The Yin and Yang of Classroom Management [Teachers Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Paula Jilanis

Paula Jilanis has been involved in holistic health since 1995. She is the Director of an associate’s degree program in therapeutic massage. Her passion for wellness has led her to be a member of the founding board for the Community Wellness Coalition in Cumberland, Maryland.

Classroom management can be challenging. This workshop will offer participants opportunities to explore how to bring perspectives into balance. Through the use of specific techniques instructors will be able to bring into better balance how to allow for exploration and expression while maintaining the necessary boundaries in class.

Steps Toward Massage Therapy Guidelines: A First Report to the Profession [Research Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructors: Dale Healey, Keith Grant, Donelda Gowan-Moody, John Balletto, and Ravensara Travillian

The Best Practices Committee of the Massage Therapy Foundation has been developing a process for development of best practices guidelines for the profession. This session will include discussion of the value of guidelines as well as a report on the committee's process and progress. Participants will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the guidelines.

Friday, September 24, 1:30-5:30pm

Recognizing and Communicating Skin Conditions -  4 CE hours

Instructor: Annie Powell

Annie Powell is an LMT and educator living with malignant melanoma. Annie established The World Skin Project in 2006 to promote skin cancer awareness with a focus on education for massage therapists, massage therapy students and other bodywork professionals.

As a massage therapist, you may find yourself questioning your rights and responsibilities when you see something on a client’s skin that “just doesn’t look right”. This dynamic workshop will teach you how to identify and ethically address skin abnormalities, including all types of skin cancers, in an interactive and fun atmosphere.

Your Massage Toolbox: Innovative Techniques for the Cervical Spine (Hands On) - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT
Instructor: Michael Hovi
This session is repeated. See course description above.

Hand and Forearm Pain - 4 CE hours SOLD OUT

Instructor: Judith DeLany

Judith DeLany is developer of the NeuroMuscular Therapy- American Version and co-author of three NMT textbooks. Having enjoyed 25 years as a manual therapy educator, Judith’s international, multidisciplinary work provides a solid bridge between conventional and complementary medicines.

The most important region for manual practitioners to understand is that with which we earn our living- the hands and forearms! The complex anatomy becomes simply memorable through great graphics and excellent instruction, by learning the anatomical language, and understanding pathologies and dysfunctions. Discussions include carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger points and a hands-on trade of the treatment protocol.

Materials Required: A towel and some form of lubrication (no lavender, please).

Incorporating Movement Into Massage (continued from morning session) - 8 CE hours

Instructor: Lee Stang

See course description above.

Fully Exposed Ethical Dilemmas- Us and Them - 4 CE hours

Instructors: Nathan Nordstrom and Adam Parrott

Nathan Nordstrom teaches at University of Western States. He has practiced in a retreat spa, medical offices, owned a day spa, and assisted on committees for both AMTA and NCBTMB.


Adam Parrott graduated from Ashmead College. He has worked as both an employee and a self-employed massage therapist. He is currently working on publishing a book on ethics and massage therapy.

This course uses the lost art of, “story telling” to assist participants in reflection of personal experience. By creating an atmosphere of group collaboration, the session fosters in constructive support. Topics include: The ethical blame game, Participants may claim one (1) of the four (4) CE Hours awarded for this session towards NCBTMB's Standard V requirement.

Nuts and Bolts: Basic Elements of Instructional Design [Teachers Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Laura Putnam

Laura Putnam, Founder & CEO of Motion Infusion, is a learning and wellness consultant. She provides wellness services for companies and leads teacher-training workshops throughout the world.

Learn how to design an effective workshop that will engage and inspire your learners. From constructing learning objectives, to selecting appropriate instructional strategies and learning activities, to putting together a lesson plan, you’ll come away with the “nuts and bolts” of instructional design.

Materials Required: Please bring any notes or ideas you have for a workshop or class that you are currently designing.

Case Reports: Why They’re Important and How to Submit Your Own [Research Track] - 4 CE hours

Instructor: Michael Hamm

Michael Hamm, LMP CCST is equally in love with science and artistry, and believes both to be essential to good bodywork. Mike teaches at Cortiva Institute – Seattle, and works with the Massage Therapy Foundation to demystify research and empower massage therapists to make their wisdom known.

Discover why Case Reports are sorely needed, why you already possess the core skills, and what you will need to submit your own for publication. Reinvent your professional identity and redefine your bodywork in this dynamic 4-hour class.

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