Self-Care Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

FREE Self-Care Continuing Education for the Massage Therapy Profession!

Take Care of Yourself & Earn 5 Free CE Credits

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and Massage Envy collaborated on a comprehensive set of free online continuing education courses designed to help massage therapists take charge of their self-care.

AMTA worked with top experts, including researchers, clinicians, physicians and massage therapy practitioners, to develop two free online continuing education courses on body mechanics and injury prevention. 

As the largest non-profit massage therapy association, AMTA is giving back to the massage therapy profession with 5 CE Credits in self-care.

Self-Care for Massage Therapists: Body Mechanics
3 CE Credits

A solid understanding of body mechanics—or biomechanicsgives massage therapists the tools to provide effective massage therapy with efficiency, reducing the impact to their body while delivering therapeutic care. 

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Self-Care for Massage Therapists: Injury Prevention
2 CE Credits

Self-care is important for all professions, but especially massage therapists. Get an overview of self-care best practices and how you can incorporate them into your massages to help keep you healthy now and for years to come.

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Why is Self-Care Important for Massage Therapists?

Massage therapy can be a physically demanding profession. And massage therapists—like many wellness professionals—often put the needs of their clients first, sometimes sacrificing their own needs. Physically and emotionally, self-care is necessary for a long and sucessful massage therapy career.

  • According to AMTA's 2017 Self-Care Survey, a third of massage therapists have been injured as a result of performing massage therapy
  • Upwards of 90 percent say they are in pain at any given time
  • About 2 percent of massage therapists leave the profession each year because of injury

High Quality Continuing Education

This self-care program is created to Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards (OSHA is the federal government agency that oversees workplace safety). All AMTA CE courses are rigorously vetted, NCBTMB-approved and submitted for state continuing education (where applicable). Learn more »

"It's nice to know that I am part of an organization that is backing me 100 percent."

Kristie W., AMTA member since 2011