Continuing Education - Thursday, August 27 | AMTA 2020 National Convention

1:30-3:30pm, repeated 4-6pm | 2 Credit Hours

Hydrotherapy: Clinical and Spa Applications 

Susan Salvo is an LMT with over 30 years of experience. She is a co-director of the LA Institute of Massage Therapy, and is a nationally known author and speaker who has written several massage textbooks and online courses. 

For centuries, cultures worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of hydrotherapy. Hot and cold water applications can enhance the effects of massage, but how it's applied can vary according to practice setting. Come learn the art and science of clinical hydrotherapy and spa hydrotherapy, including the benefits, contraindications, and safe uses for a wide variety of clients. 

Incorporating Myofascial Release  

Jennifer Houle is the owner and director of education at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute. She is dedicated to sharing her 20 years of massage therapy experiences with others in an effort to elevate the profession.

Learn how to integrate myofascial release into your massage practice and techniques for working with the body instead of against it. Explore the science of fascia, and how it impacts body function. Find out how you can affect fascial change for your clients.

Massage Liability: Learn How to Protect Yourself 

Kate Fox serves as the Vice President of Program Management for HPSO and oversees new business, marketing, and client retention strategies. She has been working directly with HPSO’s association partners for more than ten years and is a frequent speaker on risk education.

Take a proactive approach to your career by learning how to protect yourself from common mistakes that even the best massage therapists can make. Explore the risks that can come with running a massage practice (and how to avoid them). 

Navigating Change with Ease and Grace 

Linda Mitchell, an LMT & Board Certified Transformational Life and Success Coach, is the founder of Massage & Whole Body Health and Living Inspired Coaching. She has been practicing in the coaching and healing arts for over 17 years. 

Change can come in many forms for massage therapists. Learn tools, insights and strategies to help move through change with more ease, grace, confidence and clarity. Identify the three main mistakes that make change feel scary, overwhelming and hard. Explore ways to avoid these mistakes and shift your perspective. Be empowered and enlightened in this uplifting presentation with valuable take-aways to serve you now and for years to come.   

Orthopedic Procedures and Post-Surgical Precautions for the Hip and Knee 

Matthew Gavzy is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Board Certified Massage Therapist, and educator. He has practiced in a variety of settings including out-patient, sub-acute and skilled nursing facilities helping people with a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiac issues.

Explore orthopedic pathologies, the surgeries needed, and their post-surgical precautions. Learn what massage therapists need to know to work safely on post-surgical clients. Gain tips for communicating with doctors and physical therapists "in their own language."

Self-Care Fitness Principles for Massage Therapists

Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin has been in the industry for over 20 years, as a healthy lifestyle consultant, massage therapist, speaker and author. Holding multiple degrees and certifications in exercise science, nutrition and rehabilitation, she has worked in commercial fitness and corporate wellness, academia, and the nonprofit sectors.

Understanding and adhering to physical fitness principles can improve the health and well-being of massage therapists and may be helpful in  understanding the practice of massage. This class will cover key concepts in physical fitness including the functions, responses and adaptations of body systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal) to exercise. Topics such as body composition and weight management will also be included (within the scope of massage therapy practice).

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