Continuing Education - Friday, October 25 | AMTA 2019 National Convention

AMTA 2019 National Convention

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Full Day Education: 10am-5:30pm | 6 Credit Hours

Thai Massage Techniques (Hands-on with table)


Jill Burynski is an internationally recognized teacher of Thai Massage. She has taken six journeys to Thailand since 2003, and has studied at the Old Medicine Hospital, ITM, and with Pichest Boonthume in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jill is also the founder of Living Sabai.

When practiced properly, Thai Massage can be beneficial to the client and the therapist. Explore the theory, history and benefits of Thai massage, and how to incorporate it into your table routine. As an added bonus, learn universal massage techniques that can help preserve your body.

Materials Required: Please plan to bring or share a massage table if you select this class. Storage will be provided. 

Massage Strategies for Shoulder Pain (Hands-on with table)


Dr. James Mally, a massage teacher and educational content producer, has been a massage therapist for over 40 years. He has also been a Naturopathic Doctor since 1984. 

Shoulder pain can be extremely uncomfortable and can impact a client’s quality of life. Learn how to properly evaluate causes and effective massage strategies for this common pain. Explore a series of demonstrations and hands-on practice of techniques.

Materials Required: Please plan to bring or share a massage table if you select this class. Storage will be provided. 

Therapeutic Strategies for Surgeries, Scars, and Burns (Hands-on with table)

Pete Whitridge is a licensed massage therapist and a faculty member at several massage schools around the country. He teaches myofascial, ethics and business building workshops. 

Deepen your skills by exploring how massage can affect traumatic/surgical scars and burns. Find out what happens to scars at a cellular level during massage. Learn how scars can impact clients both physically and emotionally, and the effects of touch on the human body. 

Materials Required: Please plan to bring or share a massage table if you select this class. Storage will be provided. 

Shiatsu for Migraines (Hands-on with table)

Leisa Bellmore is a shiatsu massage therapist, speaker and researcher at the Artists’ Health Centre, an integrative clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. She has presented and published nationally and internationally, and is pursuing an MSc in Complementary Medicine Research.

The World Health Organization considers migraines a top disabling chronic condition. Shiatsu massage can be integrated with other approaches to help migraines. Learn the causes of migraines, self-care techniques and new research.

Materials Required: Please plan to bring or share a massage table if you select this class. Storage will be provided. 

Morning Education, 10amNoon | 2 Credit Hours

Massage Liability: Learn How to Protect Yourself 

Kate Fox serves as the Vice President of program management for HPSO and oversees new business, marketing, and client retention strategies. She has been working directly with HPSO’s association partners for more than ten years and is a frequent speaker on risk education.

Take a proactive approach to your career by learning how to protect yourself from common mistakes that even the best massage therapists can make. Explore the risks (and how to avoid them). 

Fundamentals of Ethical Decision Making 

As an educator and long-time practitioner, Pam Fitch explores professional and ethical challenges, and communication in the therapeutic relationship. She also worked on the creation of the Canadian Inter-Jurisdictional Competencies, focusing on the issues of professional communication and conduct. 

One of the challenging aspects of massage therapy can be navigating questions of ethics and professionalism. This session employs a case-based approach to help practitioners differentiate between professional responses and personal beliefs. Learn a basic decision-making framework to ensure an ethical practice.

Stretching for Self-Care (Hands-on)


In addition to speaking at national conferences and universities, Garry Adkins was a massage therapist for the U.S. Olympic team at the Bobsled and Skeleton World Championships. He was also a member of the 2002 Winter Olympic Massage team in Salt Lake City.

Self-care is important for everyone, especially for those with physically demanding professions, such as massage therapists. Learn how to incorporate stretch into your practice, both inside and outside of the massage therapy session, to help improve strength, power and muscular endurance.

Materials Required: This class does not require a table.

Teachers Day

Teachers Day: Educators Knowledge Forum - 10-12pm

Winona Bontrager, LPN, LMT founded the Lancaster School of Massage in Pennsylvania in 1991. She is a past president of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), serving on the board for over 15 years.

Cynthia Ribeiro, LMT is the advanced program developer and an instructor at the National Holistic Institute (NHI). She founded the Western Institute of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, and was an honorary professor at the University of California-Irvine Medical School. Cynthia is an AMTA past president.

Join fellow instructors for education, networking and strategies for your classroom. Discuss key challenges and opportunities in education and identify practical action items.

Learn more about Teachers Day at the AMTA 2019 National Convention!

Afternoon Education, 1:30-5:30pm | 4 CE Credits

Teachers Day 

The Changing Landscape: Creating a Student-Centered Experience  

As the Founder and CEO of The Soma Institute, Joan Hannant oversees the strategic direction of the Chicago and Toronto-based company. She developed  the new category: clinical wellness and built Soma into a nationally accredited provider of adult training programs and staffing solutions.

Schools are under intense pressure to meet the personal needs, demands and expectations of an increasingly diverse and complex student population. This interactive session will address these challenges and examine the elements and implementation of a student-centered experience.

Related topics will include: retention, job placement, academic preparedness, mental health issues, homelessness, diversity issues and career change stress.

Myofascial Release for Plantar Fasciitis (Hands-on)


In addition to speaking at national conferences and universities, Garry Adkins was a massage therapist for the U.S. Olympic team at the Bobsled and Skeleton World Championships. He was also a member of the 2002 Winter Olympic Massage team in Salt Lake City.

Experience myofascial release utilizing an indirect, gentle approach to help relieve plantar fasciitis. This technique can aid in alleviating pain, enhancing athletic performance, and increasing flexibility. Learn how massage therapy can benefit this condition, even in severe cases.

Materials Required: This class does not require a table.

MTF Research Panel: Cancer and Massage

Danielle Gentile, PhD is a Health Services Researcher in the Department of Supportive Oncology at Levine Cancer Institute, Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC. Her focus is on patient-centered research within the field of integrative oncology. She is particularly interested in the impact of integrative techniques, such as massage, on cancer patients’ pain.

Erika Larson is the lead massage therapist in a collaborative research partnership between Emory University and the Atlanta School of Massage. She has a special interest in better understanding how massage therapists can successfully engage in formal research.

Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport, MD is the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University School of Medicine. His research is focused on psychopharmacology, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and depression.

Staying up to date on the latest massage therapy research is essential to providing your clients with the best care possible, especially when battling cancer. Learn how massage can help cancer patients reduce their symptoms, including pain and fatigue. Explore the latest research from this panel of experts, and hear a presentation from the Massage Therapy Foundation Practitioner Case Report winner.

Dynamics of the Thoracic Spine and Massage (Hands-on)


Lynn Teachworth, LMT, ATSI, FAFS has practiced massage therapy and complementary approaches since 1993. He is a pioneer in combining Structural Integration, functional biomechanics and energy medicine.

Explore the thoracic structures and biomechanics on individual joints as well as the associated muscles and connective tissue. This session will cover the causes of thoracic dysfunction, and explain the role of thoracic dynamics in lower back pain, shoulder and cervical dysfunction and sports injuries and performance.

Materials Required: This class does not require a table.

Massage and the Ribcage (Hands-on)

George Russell is a bodyworker, movement analyst and chiropractor in New York City. He teaches technique, philosophy and kinesiology to massage therapists. 

The ribcage is a major weight segment of the body, important for protection, mobility, support and movement. We will review basic anatomy of the thorax and its major musculoskeletal structures. Close observation and analysis of the ribcage in breathing and other motion, will lead directly into the application of massage techniques. 

Materials Required: This class does not require a table.

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