Continuing Education - Friday, August 28 | AMTA 2020 National Convention

Full Day Education: 10am-5:30pm | 6 Credit Hours

Approaching the Lower Body From All Angles (Hands-on with table)

David Lobenstine has been a massage therapist, teacher, and writer for over a decade. He has worked in a variety of settings—from spas to the U.S. Open to hospice and private practice. David has taught continuing education around the country, both in person and online. 

Come learn a better way to approach your massage sessions and enhance your lower body skills. In this course, you will work all the major muscle groups of the legs and hips, from new angles with new massage techniques. Expand your skill set, by focusing on the medial and lateral structures of the lower body. 

Materials Required: Please plan to bring or share a massage table if you select this class. Storage will be provided. 

Morning Education, 10am—12pm | 2 Credit Hours

Strategic Marketing for Massage Therapists 

Dr. Julie Hayek has served the healthcare field for over 25 years in a variety of roles including speaker, educator, counselor, and business consultant. She has written health manuals and books, and teaches interactive classes that help massage therapists build successful schools and practices.

Create a multi-channel advertising plan to attract new clients and build your practice while staying within your budget. Learn how to fine-tune your approach by using the correct buzzwords.

Teachers Day: Educators Knowledge Forum

Winona Bontrager, LPN, LMT founded the Lancaster School of Massage in Pennsylvania in 1991. She teaches massage therapy and maintains a private practice. She is a Past President of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), serving on the board for over 15 years

Cynthia Ribeiro, LMT is the advanced program developer and an instructor at the National Holistic Institute (NHI). She founded the Western Institute of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, and was an honorary professor at the University of California-Irvine Medical School. Cynthia is an AMTA Past President.

Dolly Wallace, LMT, maintained a massage therapy practice for over 30 years in Muskegon, Michigan, and now resides in California. She has actively served AMTA since 1988 in various roles, including MI Chapter Treasurer, National Government Relations Chair, member of the Board of Directors, and is a National Past President. Dolly currently serves on the NCBTMB Board of Directors.

Join fellow instructors for education, networking and strategies for your classroom. Discuss key challenges and opportunities in education and identify practical action items.

Learn more about Teachers Day at the AMTA 2020 National Convention!

Working with Common Skin Conditions: What Every Massage Practitioner Should Know 

Annie Morien is a licensed massage therapist with over 18 years of experience, and a dermatology PA with extensive clinical experience in evaluating and treating patients with various skin conditions. She teaches skin disease workshops to students and professionals. 

In this interactive class, you will learn about the most common skin conditions that produce “scaly skin,” such as psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic keratosis and others. Gain practical knowledge to apply to your clinic, such as how to deal with a client’s skin condition, signs and symptoms,  lubricants to avoid, and when massage is contraindicated.  

Afternoon Education, 1:30-5:30pm | 4 CE Credits

Corrective Bodywork (Hands-on)

Bruce Costello has been a massage therapist and chiropractor for over 30 years. He founded the Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health in Atlanta, GA in 1994. In addition to teaching, Bruce is also a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. 

Following neurological principles and research, learn how to address the causes of myofascial pain. Explore the complexity of pain and how sensors within the myofascia interact and contribute to it in the body. Find out how to retrain movement or postures that cause pain by focusing on the specific coordination of muscles, joints, and proprioceptors. 

Materials Required: This class does not require a table.

Research Panel: New Massage Therapy Research - Building Toward Innovation In Care For Your Clients

Interested in learning how to conduct a research project or hearing about new studies? Join our panel of thought leaders: Drs. Cambron, Kennedy, Munk, and Sefton as they discuss incorporating massage therapists into medical education research, emerging research programs on high-profile topics, and how to begin a project including study design and the IRB process. The speakers will also discuss current research collaborations, their outcomes, and the International Massage Therapy Research Conference.

Jerrilyn Cambron, LMT, DC, MPH, PhD is a research professor at the National University of Health Sciences and adjunct faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has served as a principal investigator on massage therapy and chiropractic care research studies for more than 20 years.

Dr. Jerrilyn Cambron will be speaking about the Massage Therapy Foundation’s research collaborations and their outcomes, the International Massage Therapy Research Conference, our studies with the Samueli Foundation and the MTF’s history.

Ann Blair Kennedy, DrPH, is a clinical assistant professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville in the Biomedical Science Department where she co-leads the evidence-based medicine/biostatistics/epidemiology curriculum. Dr. Kennedy is the Director of the Patient Engagement Studio, and she focuses on patient and stakeholder engagement in research across multiple topics including health promotion interventions, stress and wellness, and integrative medicine. She has been a massage therapist and AMTA member since 1999.

Dr. Ann Blair Kennedy will discuss the medical student’s perception of complimentary and integrative medicine, and how to incorporate massage therapists into medical education research.

Dr. Niki Munk runs an active massage focused research lab within the Health Sciences Department at the Indiana University Schools of Health & Human Sciences in Indianapolis.

Dr. Niki Munk will discuss three of her current research programs: Massage for Chronic Neck Pain, Massage Therapy for Amputation Related Sequelae, and Massage Therapy Profession Sustainability & Education.

JoEllen Sefton, PhD, ATC is director of the Auburn University Warrior Research Center, assisting the U.S. Armed Forces in improving the physical and technical skills, equipment, health and performance of military, families and veterans. She is also the director of the Warrior Athletic Training Program at Fort Benning and an associate professor at Auburn University.

Dr. Jo Ellen Sefton will discuss the beginning stages of her massage therapy and concussion research project. She will explain the current research process including the IRB and study design. Hear how a case report connected a massage practitioner to a researcher, and has now evolved into a valuable study on concussions.

Save Your Hands & Your Massage Career  (Hands-on)

Buddy Hammonds has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2011. He currently sits on the Program Advisory Committee and teaches at The Swedish Institute. Buddy is also a yoga teacher and coach. 

As a massage therapist, are you feeling the wear and tear in your hands and wrists?  In this course, explore sustainable massage techniques that can save your body while increasing productivity and career longevity. Learn healthy body mechanics that can be used for both light and deep tissue massage therapy in a variety of positions. 

Materials Required: This class does not require a table.

Teachers Day: Student Clinic – Making the Most of It 

Julie Goodwin is a longtime massage therapy educator and an NCBTMB-approved provider. She is the author of Touch & Movement: Palpation and Kinesiology for Massage Therapists and creator of 

Set massage therapy students up for success by learning how to maximize their clinical experience. Get an overview of standards in clinical supervision and leave with tangible ideas to immediately put into action.

Working with Text Neck - A Digital Age Epidemic  (Hands-on)

Jessica Crow is a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga and meditation instructor based in NYC. She teaches continuing education courses for massage therapists and other health care providers. Jessica is also a speaker for corporate events on the topics of mindfulness and meditation.

The average person texts and scrolls on their smartphone for at least 5 hours per day. When the head is tilted down for long periods of time, this overtaxes the neck muscles. Learn how to educate your clients about “Text Neck” and the tools (including ergonomics, exercises and mindfulness) they can use in daily life, while creating the most effective massage therapy treatment. 

Materials Required: This class does not require a table.

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