AMTA Continuing Education Requirements and FAQs

What are the continuing education (CE) requirements for AMTA Professional membership?

Beginning with the first full year of Professional Active membership, members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) are required to complete 48 clock hours of continuing education (CE) every four years.

Education programs used to fulfill this requirement must meet the following general description: "an organized education experience directly related to massage therapy, which is offered under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction." This can be experiential learning, theoretical or research. Responsible sponsorship includes:

I use aromatherapy in my practice. Can I take classes in it for CE credit?

AMTA will accept a course in aromatherapy if it impacts your practice of massage therapy. In the event you are audited, you will need to explain how a course would impact your practice.

Is CE credit given for a QuickBooks for Small Businesses course?

Yes, AMTA will accept classes that assist members in starting and maintaining their practice, including business development courses.

Are courses in yoga stretches acceptable for CE credit?

Yes, AMTA accepts classes in movement and stretching techniques, when a part of the scope of practice of massage therapy.

Does AMTA accept First Aid or CPR classes for CE credit?

While these courses are worthwhile and important, AMTA does not accept First Aid or CPR classes for continuing education credit as they are not specifically related to massage therapy.

Does AMTA require a specific number of CE credits in ethics, business or modalities?

AMTA does not require a specific number of CE hours in ethics, business, or modalities.

I have served as an instructor (or a teaching assistant). Do I qualify for CE credit when I am teaching?

Instructors and teaching assistants are not eligible to claim CE credit for the time they serve as a teacher.

Why should I choose AMTA continuing education courses?

AMTA is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider. Additionally, each course offered by AMTA—including AMTA online courses, National Convention education sessions and the Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Programis submitted for state continuing education, where appropriate. These two processes ensure that AMTA continuing education courses are rigorously vetted for quality standards.

Why are CE credits required of active Professional members?

AMTA and our members recognize the value and importance of on-going, continuing education. Professional continuing education is beneficial to every massage therapist and crucial to providing clients the best experience possible. Consumers look for the AMTA member logo when choosing their therapist because AMTA members demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning and professionalism by adhering to the CE requirement.

What are the CE requirements if I become an inactive member?

If a member becomes inactive, the individual is not required to complete continuing education. The person's continuing education requirement starts over when the person resumes active status, at which time the member will need to complete 48 CE hours four years from that point in time. Hours previously earned cannot be used towards the new four year period.

Does AMTA approve courses?

AMTA does not approve continuing education courses. Rather, AMTA provides a definition of the types of classes that are acceptable for the AMTA CE requirement. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that a class meets the AMTA definition and to ensure a class meets any state licensing requirements for continuing education.

Reporting Your CE Courses to AMTA

When do I submit my CE credits?

Members can submit their CE hours when a course is complete. We recommend you not wait until the end of the four year period to submit the CE credits. For your convenience, please use the online form to submit the completed course(s).

How do I find my AMTA CE transcript?

To access your transcript, visit the AMTA education section, select "View Your CE Transcript" and log in when prompted. Professional members can also access their CE transcript by logging into the website and selecting "My Credentials".

Log in to update and view your CE period along with reported CE credits, state license and national certification information. Contact AMTA if you have questions about your CE transcript.

What are my member ID and password to log into the AMTA website?

The "Member ID or Username" is your AMTA membership number or a username created by you. You can find this number on the front of your membership card, on the address label of Massage Therapy Journal or by contacting AMTA. If you forget your password, select the "forgot your password" link to reset it. If your log in is successful, a page will appear with a welcome message using your first name.

Once you’re logged in, visit the AMTA education section and select "View Your CE Transcript". Professional members can also access their CE transcript by logging into the website and selecting "My Credentials"".

Log in to update and view your CE period along with reported CE credits, state license and national certification information. Contact AMTA if you have questions about your login information.

My AMTA CE transcript is incorrect. How can I correct it?

Members can email AMTA regarding their CE transcript. Please provide your name, member ID number and the information that needs to be corrected so AMTA can follow up on your request.

Non-members can email AMTA regarding any discrepancies on their CE transcript only for AMTA events or online courses.

I have more than the required 48 CE hours during this four year period. Can I use the extra CE credits toward the next four year period?

All 48 CE hours recorded in a member's transcript must have occurred within the four year time frame. Additional hours above the 48 required CE hours from the current or previous four year period cannot be used or rolled over to the next four year period.

About My State Continuing Education Needs

Is AMTA’s continuing education requirement different than what I need in my state for licensure?

Continuing education requirements for state licensure vary. To confirm eligibility for your specific education needs, please confirm with your state board.

Can you recommend a continuing education course?

AMTA does not approve providers of continuing education. We encourage each massage therapist to ask questions before taking any continuing education to help you find the course that best meets your personal needs.

  • Is the instructor an NCBTMB-approved provider?
  • Is the course approved for CE credit in your state (where applicable for licensing)?
  • Will the course meet AMTA’s continuing education requirements? 

Approved Providers of Education

Is AMTA an NCBTMB Approved Provider?

Yes, AMTA is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. The AMTA NCBTMB Approved Provider number is 024237-00.

How can I become an AMTA approved provider? How can I become a speaker for AMTA?

AMTA does not review or approve courses or providers. Individuals or organizations that wish to pursue being an approved provider should contact the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). They should also check with state licensing boards to comply with any state-based requirements for continuing education.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor for AMTA at a future National Convention, Schools Summit or other education experience, visit our Call for Speakers when the process opens every spring.

Where can I find CE courses?

Technical Questions

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