Sports Massage Workshop

Take this comprehensive hands-on workshop as part of the Sports Massage CE program. 

Techniques for Sports Massage Therapists Workshop

Delve into techniques, contraindications, assessments, session planning and other valuable information to enhance your skills in sports massage. Receive hands-on instruction, explore case studies, and discover tips to help you succeed in this exploding field.

This workshop is part of the AMTA Sports Massage CE program. It is highly recommended that you take the six sports massage online courses prior to this workshop. This workshop is fast paced and will not cover material from the online courses. This workshop is designed for experienced massage therapists and will take the knowledge and skills you acquired in the online courses and propel you to the next level by delving into hands-on and assessment techniques.

Upcoming Workshops

September 11, 2024 with Mark Capriotti, Jarrod Fritz, Matthew Gavzy in Tampa, FL