Massage Therapy Research CE

Research literacy helps you market your massage practice to clients and health care professionals. 

A growing body of research supports massage therapy for a variety of health conditions. Use research to explain the benefits of massage to your clients and help market your skills to other health care providers. Our portfolio of research-focused continuing education courses can empower massage therapists with evidence and information.

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Research and Massage Therapy

$0 members / $0 non-members  3 CE credits

Learn how to evaluate and incorporate research results into your massage therapy practice. By analyzing and participating in current research, you can broaden both your practice and acceptance for the massage profession. 

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Research on and Treatment of Diabetes

$0 members / $0 non-members  2 CE credits

Review the latest science and research on new approaches for diabetes. Take a look at how kidney disease, stress, and retinopathy affect and are affected by diabetes. Get tips on ways to connect with health care workers who have patients with diabetes.

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