Massage Therapy Client Experience and Intake Forms

Client Intake & SOAP Documentation for Your Massage Practice

Protect yourself, your clients and your massage therapy practice by utilizing proper documentation techniques.

Client Retention: Nurture Your Clients

You work hard to attract new clients to your practice.  Now, learn how you can keep them coming back.

Creating Client Policies
Client policies help ensure every client receives fair treatment.
Introductory Session with a New Massage Client

Setting the stage with a first-time massage client offers you a unique opportunity to make a first impression that can make a big difference.

Profile of a Poor Client Experience
Understanding what you shouldn't do in your massage practice is as important as knowing what you should do.
Tips on Practicing Meditation

A study shows that meditation—even when done by beginners who haven’t regularly used this practice—helps relieve pain.

Viewing Your Practice from the Client’s Perspective

Seeing your practice through the eyes of your clients can make your business stronger.

Webinar: Customer Service Tips Guaranteed to Build Business
Check out a short webinar on customer service tips you can implement right now to help grow you practice and create an optimal experience for your client.
When to Refer Massage Clients to Others

Learn more about when referring a massage therapy client to another provider makes good sense.

Workers' Compensation Massage Clients

Learn more about what massage therapists can expect when working with workers' compensation.

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