Workers' Compensation Massage Clients

Injured at Work

The U.S. federal government requires all businesses with at least one employee to have workers' compensation coverage, which provides payment of medical bills, rehabilitation services, and lost income while an employee recovers from an on-the-job injury. A popular misconception is that workers' compensation is a form of government-backed insurance, but in fact the policies are issued by private insurance carriers in compliance with government regulations.

If a client is receiving massage under the coverage of workers' compensation, it means that the client was injured while at work. Before payment can be made for the massage therapy services provided, the claim must be approved by the insurance provider.

Physician's Referral

Requests for massage therapy services through workers' compensation benefits usually come from a physician referral. The referral most often outlines the length of time for which care is approved and the type of massage prescribed.

The Goal of Workers' Comp

The focus of workers' compensation is to return the massage client to work. This requires that the service provider take notes that mention objective data related to the client's job activities. Be sure to use SOAP notes and keep your work in accordance with the referring provider's orders.

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