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Profile of a Poor Client Experience

Sometimes it's instructive to look at what you shouldn't do in your massage practice in order to more clearly understand what you should do. Have you have ever been guilty (even inadvertently) of inflicting similar experiences on any of your clients?


  • When the client calls to make an appointment, answer your cell phone while you are giving a massage to another client. You don't want to miss a chance to make an appointment.

  • Arrive at your office at the same time as the client arrives.

  • Remove the clutter from a chair so your client can sit down to fill out the client intake form. Don't give the client a pencil.

  • Ask the client if she would like a heated pad on her back during the session. If she says yes, tell her it will take 30 minutes to heat up because you haven't had a chance to plug it in yet.

  • Dribble cold oil onto your client's skin at regular intervals, and laugh when she is startled by it.

  • Keep up a regular flow of chatter. Tell the client how you are working through your challenges with having been abused as a child.

  • Use scented oils without asking the client if she prefers them or is allergic to them.

  • If the client tells you she is chilly, tell her, "Well, I'll be done in just a minute."

  • Set a timer to ring 10 minutes before the end of the massage so both you and the client will be aware of the time.

  • Send the client an e-mail later in the day asking if she felt an energy drain because you sure did and you wonder if she might be dealing with negative feelings. Ask her if she wants to schedule her next appointment.

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