Professional Performance Guidelines

Practice Standards are Statements that describe a competent level of practice demonstrated through specific practice activities (such as evaluation, diagnosis, intervention, outcomes, re-evaluation, and monitoring), describing the minimum level of behavior expected of individual massage therapy practitioners regardless of the setting, project, case or situation.

AMTA's Standards of Practice are a resource of best practices regarding items such as:

  • Providing safe and consistent care
  • Determining the quality of care provided
  • Supporting and preserving the basic rights of the client and the professional massage therapist
  • Assisting the public to understand what to expect from a professional massage therapist

Many massage therapists base their business policies on these guidelines to ensure they are aligning themselves consistently with the highest standards of the profession.

The AMTA Standards of Practice include statements of best practices in all aspects of a massage therapist's business:

  • conduct of the practitioner
  • sanitation, hygiene and safety
  • professional relationships with clients
  • professional relationships with other professionals
  • records
  • marketing
  • legal practice
  • research

Solid Foundation

The guidelines are not so specific that they constrain your business, and they provide firm guidance that sets an ethical and professional tone for your business and for your relationship with other allied health professionals.

"It gives me credibility with my clients that I can say I’m an AMTA member."

Becky P., AMTA member since 2005