Naming Your Massage Therapy Practice

When choosing a name for your massage therapy practice, keep a mental picture of your targeted clients. Remember that this name identifies your business to your prospective massage clients and will appear on your business cards, signs, brochures and website. Keeping your clients in mind, consider:

  • Would this name inspire trust and credibility?
  • Would this name be easy to remember?
  • Would this name help me build a referral network within my clients’ community of interest?

Using Your Own Name

The height of personalizing the name of your business is using your own name, and doing so tells people you are willing to associate the reputation of your business with your personal identity. On the downside, however, is that your name might not convey enough information about your practice and may not be suitable should you decide to expand your business in the future.

Naming Factors

Not using your own name has many advantages. For one thing, you give yourself the freedom to expand without changing the business name, and you're better able to choose a name that conveys the advantages of massage. When considering names, you'll want to choose something that is easy to remember and pronounce.

Tip: Consider the advantage of choosing a name at the beginning of the alphabet so your business appears at or near the top of directory listings.

Registering Your Business Name

If you want to have exclusive use of your business name, many states require that a trade name be registered. Before filing a “doing business as” (DBA) application, you must verify that the same name is not already in use by another business. Many times, you'd file the business name is with the County Clerk’s office for a very small fee (as low as $5). Check your state’s requirements.

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