When to Hire Employees for Your Massage Practice

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring an employee, the primary one being able to increase the number of clients your massage therapy practice is able to accommodate. This decision shouldn't be made casually, however, so take some time to consider both sides of the hiring coin.


  • More massage therapy clients can be seen
  • An employee can extend the range of skills and talents available in your massage practice
  • Increased scheduling flexibility
  • A sense of teamwork and cooperation


  • Training and supervising each employee adds time to your schedule
  • Complying with labor and tax laws
  • Additional expense of paying your employee, as well as withholding tax
  • You take on liability with new employees

Before You Hire

If the pros outweigh the cons, ask yourself the following questions so you know what you are looking for in an employee:

  • Do I want to hire someone because my workload is too heavy for me alone? If so, do I want to manage a larger practice?
  • Or, would I be more satisfied by finding other ways of managing workload, such as accepting fewer clients, or offloading my bookkeeping and accounting work to a contracted specialist?
  • Am I hiring an employee because I don't want to work alone? Would I prefer to become an employee myself with another practice?

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