Client Retention: Nurture Your Clients

You work hard to attract new clients to your practice. Once you have them, you want to keep them!

Nurturing as a Healthy Practice

Nurturing means that you use the massage session as a means for buoying your client's sense of his or her "best self." Nurturing at its best reinforces clients' good self-care habits, helps them recognize bad habits, and motivates them to make good decisions regarding their health.

Ways to Nurture Your Clients

  • Provide a level of service that demonstrates respect for your clients be prompt for appointments, give clear explanations, pour a fresh glass of water after the session and provide a warm washcloth.
  • Focus completely on the client when in session.
  • At the end of the session, conduct an exit interview to gather information about the clients' impressions of the session. (This can help clients notice such benefits as relaxed muscles or reduced pain.)
  • Formulate a care plan utilizing formal records such as SOAP notes. Particularly if you and a client are working together to address a particular health concern, these records help you and the client measure progress. Reviewing these records with the client helps you both acknowledge progress.
  • Teach self-care measures for clients to use at home between visits.
  • If you have discussed a particular health problem in a previous session, ask the client about it before you begin the next session
  • Provide literature about massage and any other services offered by your practice for clients to take home or read while waiting for their appointment.
  • Offer special packages for clients, such as discounts for a series of a certain number of massages, a tenth massage at no charge, or a free session after a client has brought in five referrals.
  • Ask for your clients' feedback regarding your business and how you might be more effective.

Keep Your Eye on the Basics

Essentially, the best type of nurturing you can give is to provide a good massage, applying your most conscientious attention to techniques and professionalism that will mutually benefit the health of your client and your business.

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