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AMTA Offers the Strongest Benefits in the Profession

Liability insurance

Liability insurance

AMTA has broad liability insurance, so you can practice confidently knowing that we've got you covered.

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  • AMTA's Massage Therapy Liability Insurance Overview

    Learn more about AMTA's liability insurance for Professional massage therapists, recent massage school graduates and current students.

    Choose AMTA's Liability Insurance

    Insurance for Professional Massage Therapists

    Your AMTA Professional Membership includes broad liability insurance for massage therapists to protect you from covered losses. AMTA has partnered with HPSO, providing insurance coverage through CNA, an “A” rated insurance provider, to provide the best protection for you and your practice.

    Your coverage includes:

    • Coverage of up to $2 million per occurrence/$6 million aggregate for professional liability, general liability, products and personal injury
    • Coverage for hot stone massage is included at no extra cost
    • Dual coverage for massage therapists who are also estheticians and/or yoga instructors is also included at no extra charge
    • There is no charge to add an additional insured
    • Downloading your Certificate of Insurance is free and easy

    Insurance for Recent Massage School Graduates

    The Graduate membership level is designed specifically for those new to the profession. Members at this level enjoy the same general liability insurance for massage therapists as Professional AMTA Members.

    Graduate Members qualify for the insurance coverage if they have:

    1. Graduated from their initial massage therapy training program of 500 or more in-class hours; 


    2. Met applicable state or local licensing requirements.*

    Insurance for Massage Therapy Students

    Student members are covered with AMTA’s professional and general liability insurance for school-sponsored or sanctioned activities while they are still a student.

    Upon graduation, students may renew as a Graduate member to enjoy AMTA’s top-notch Professional and General Liability Insurance.


    Call our insurance provider HPSO at 1-888-253-1474 if you:

    • Have additional questions about coverage, including, whether or not a specific modality is included
    • Need to report a claim
    • Need a copy of your insurance policy

    Need to add an additional insured?

    Call us toll free at 1-877-905-2700

    Need to print your Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

    Login to the AMTA Website and click the link on your member profile.

    Seeking other types of insurance?

    Check out AMTA’s Optional Insurance Program for massage therapists for group rates on health, dental, life and more.

    *Please note that for any state or locale that requires licensure, it’s imperative that Graduate Members do not practice until their license has been obtained. Where licensure is required, successful graduation from a massage therapy training program may not be sufficient for professional liability coverage to apply.

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  • Access Your Certificate of Insurance Online

    AMTA Professional, Graduate and Student members can now view and download their certificate of insurance forms in PDF format.

    Print or email your Certificate of Insurance from your AMTA Member Account

    Members can easily save or print a PDF copy of their certificate of insurance. Newly added: members can now email a PDF copy of their certificate of insurance to whomever they choose.

    Once you have logged into your account, choose "Download certificate of insurance" from the main account page, demonstrated in the image below.

    Login to download your Certificate of Insurance

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  • Optional Insurance at Reasonable Rates

    Disability, health, dental, auto/home, term life and more insurance plans  are offered at competitive rates. Get a free quote today.

    Optional insurance for AMTA Members

    AMTA offers quality optional insurance programs at competitive premiums. As an AMTA member you can access our optional insurance plans* at reasonable rates by clicking the links below. Once there,you will connect to AMTA's new online quote system. Complete the required fields and submit. It's that simple!

    Disability Income
    Group Term Life Insurance
    Auto/Homeowner’s Insurance
    Health Insurance 
    Discount Prescription Card
    Cancer Care
    Emergency Assistance Plus
    Long Term Care
    Individual Term Life Insurance
    Accidental Death & Dismemberment

    Frequently asked questions about AMTA's Optional Insurance Program.

    Not an AMTA member? You can still receive general information about our individual insurance plans and costs. Simply call toll-free 866-803-6773 to speak to a representative.

    * Not available in all states, and subject to determination of eligibility through application.

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  • Coverage for Your Teachers

    Massage school instructors are eligible for coverage with AMTA Professional Liability.

    Subject to policy conditions, insurance coverage is available for allegations of bodily injury arising during the instruction of massage therapy such as in a class demonstration. Coverage is also available if a lawsuit alleges that, because of improper training by an AMTA massage therapist instructor, a student or former student went on to injure a client.

    Learn more about AMTA's insurance »

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  • Additional Insured

    AMTA makes it easy to add an additional person or organization to your AMTA liability policy for no extra charge.

    Log into your AMTA account and choose "Add additional insured" from the main account page, shown below.

    Sign-in to add an Additional Insured

    An additional insured is when someone such as an Entity, Landlord, or Organization other than the AMTA member, has an insurable interest in the liability risk.

    Adding an entity or organization to your coverage as an additional insured provides coverage to them for their vicarious liability arising out of your actions while rendering professional services as a massage therapist.

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Top-notch education

Top-notch education

AMTA's rigorously vetted Continuing Education makes it easy to update your skills and earn CE hours for state licenses—both on-site and online.

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  • 60+ Online CE Courses for Massage Therapists

    AMTA members save up to 40% on a diverse selection of online courses focused on business, ethics, massage, self-care and massage education. 

    Choose from a diverse selection of interactive courses focused on business, ethics, massage, self-care and massage education developed by experts in the profession. You can earn Continuing Education credits without even leaving your home or office.

    Courses include:

    • The Marketing Game: Learn how to Successfully Market Yourself and Your Business
    • Dealing with Ethical Gray Areas in Massage Therapy
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Proactive, Non-surgical Approach
    • Helping Clients Manage Migraines
    • And more! 

    Start charting your professional path with AMTA's customized online education system. 

    AMTA members save up to 40%!

    Earn Continuing Education credits  online »

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  • AMTA Massage Anatomy Guide App

    AMTA’s Massage Anatomy Guide is an interactive app available to all AMTA Student members. 

    This user friendly resource is a great tool to use in class and complements your Books of Discovery educational series. 

    Features include:

    • All 364 cards from the Trail Guide to the Body flashcards featuring: 144 muscles, 61 bone and bony landmarks, 50 joint and ligaments and 64 common movements, including the synergists and antagonists.
    • Multiple options to test musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge.
    • Ability to zoom into illustrations for more detail using pinch touch.

    Students will receive a link to download their Massage Anatomy Guide in their AMTA Student membership welcome email.

    Students attending an AMTA member school are entitled to a free Student membership.

    Join now

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  • AMTA Massage Exam Study App

    Download the app to simulate real tests and practice for the MBLEx. Not an AMTA member? Download the app here. Members,  just login to download!

    Our massage Exam app prepares you for the MBLEx. You’ll be tested on topics including anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, client assessments and treatment planning, ethics and laws, history of massage and bodywork, etc.

     Download the app!

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  • Continuing Education at AMTA National Convention

    Join thousands of massage therapists for four days of hands-on and practical education, countless networking opportunities, and the latest breakthroughs and products.

    The profession's premier event! Each year thousands of massage therapists come together for four inspiring days. Attendees access more than 35 education courses, sample cutting-edge products and leave with a renewed passion for the massage therapy profession.

    Join us at the AMTA 2017 National Convention, September 14-16, 2017 in Pasadena, California.

    Learn more »

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  • AMTA Massage Therapy Schools Summit

    Come together with school faculty, owners and administrators at this annual event designed to help you better navigate the issues impacting your school.

    Hear the latest industry information and engage in open dialogue about the challenges schools are currently facing. Education provides attendees with practical information to attract new students and stay competitive in today's marketplace.

    From best practices in the classroom to managing student behavior to integrating face-to-face and online learning, the AMTA Schools Summit is specially customized to meet the needs of today's massage therapy educators.

    Learn more »

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  • Student Day at AMTA National Convention

    Join fellow students to network with massage therapy professionals from across the country. Gain professional development tips, career resources and more!

    AMTA's Kick Start program offers invaluable practice management and career advice for students and new professionals. As part of Student Day, AMTA also offers special networking events, seminars, give-aways and tours for students and new professionals.

    Attend AMTA's Student Day »

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  • Teachers Day at AMTA National Convention

    Find content specifically designed for massage therapy school instructors when you attend the AMTA National Convention.

    The AMTA National Convention is the premier educational and networking event of the year for massage therapists. Designed with the needs of massage therapy educators in mind, Teachers Day educational sessions will help instructors get the most from their classroom and reach their highest potential as teachers. Exclusive networking events provide educators with invaluable one-on-one time.

    Attend Teachers Day »

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  • Master the Classroom: AMTA Online Teacher Training

    AMTA's Master the Classroom instructor training program gives you the skills you need to succeed in the classroom while earning valuable Continuing Education credits online.

    Whether you're a new instructor or have been teaching for years and simply want to refresh your skills, these online Continuing Education courses and peer-to-peer sharing of best practices will have value for you. Learn at your own pace with our in-depth online courses.

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Career guidance

Career guidance

Better market your practice or school, or take that next step in your career. Find detailed career guides, tips on job searching and downloadable marketing tools.

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  • AMTA 2017 Massage Profession Research Report

    Use this report to gain an understanding of the current massage climate to navigate the terrain and prepare for future changes.

    Take advantage of this gold-standard resource. Packed with the latest research on every aspect of the massage therapy marketplace and practical tips to help you grow your practice, the tenth annual Massage Profession Research Report includes the results of four AMTA benchmark surveys tracking the profession.

    Use this report to gain an understanding of the current massage climate to better navigate the terrain and prepare for future changes.

    This report is free to AMTA members for download:

    Login to download

    Copyright Disclaimer: 

    This document contains proprietary information of the American Massage Therapy Association as well as other organizations. If you wish to reproduce these materials or use them in any other way you must request permission from AMTA or other owners of the original materials. For permission to reproduce any AMTA data contained in this report, please call 1 (877) 905-0577 or email info@amtamassage.org. If consent is granted, attribution to AMTA and other sources specified in the document should be made. All rights reserved.

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  • AMTA’s Find a Massage Therapist® National Locator Service: Promote Your Practice

    Significantly broaden your outreach to potential clients by creating a profile on FindaMassageTherapist.org.

    Add your profile to FindaMassageTherapist.org

    Each year, hundreds of thousands of consumers search for AMTA members through AMTA’s Find a Massage Therapist® national locator service, FindaMassageTherapist.org!

    It’s easy to get started! Create or update your profile today to get the most leads possible. Remember, you need to opt-in to take advantage of this benefit.

    • Upload a professional photo of yourself
    • List your areas of expertise
    • Make sure your current contact information is detailed
    • Create a vanity link to easily direct potential clients to your profile (example: amtamassage.org/famt/yourname)

    Professional members, create or manage your profile!

    Get listed »

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  • Display the AMTA Member Logo

    Download the AMTA member logo for use on your website, business cards and other printed and electronic promotional materials.

    AMTA Member Logo on Business Card

    Displaying your AMTA membership logo helps you build credibility within the profession and your community! 

    Download the AMTA member logo

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  • Online Career Guidance Resources

    Access tips, resources and downloadable templates to grow and build your practice or just get started on the right foot. 

    Career Guidance for Massage Therapists

    AMTA’s Career Guidance section is filled with resources to grow and build your practice. Find marketing templates, an overview of workplace options, tools to manage your finances and more. Schools, share this information with your students and recent graduates to help them get started on the right track. 

    Access career guidance tools »

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  • AMTA Job Bank: Free Resume and Position Posting

    Access potential employers and save valuable time. Post your resume, sign up for job alerts and more. Employers: Post openings for free and browse resumes of qualified AMTA members. 

    Looking for a job? Visit the new AMTA Job Bank to access potential employers and save valuable time. Post your resume for free or use the resume-builder to get your search process started. Sign up for job alerts and receive an email each time a new position is posted in your area. Search the AMTA Job Bank »

    Employers: Find qualified candidates easily and affordably. Post your open position for free and browse resumes of qualified AMTA member massage therapists. Save recruitment time—qualified massage therapists are only a click away! Get started »

    Search the Job Bank »

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  • Client Education Resources

    We have a variety of resources to help you promote the health benefits of massage to the public.

    25 reasons to get a massage

    From handouts and articles to videos and a free newsletter, AMTA is here to help you build your practice and promote the profession. These resources and shareable articles will help you promote the health benefits of massage to the public.

    Share research with your clients »

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  • AMTA Career Success Series

    Get an insider’s look at what to expect in different workplace settings including health care, spas, sports massage and franchises.

    Have you ever wondered what its like to work in spa? What would it be like to work within a health care setting? What are massage therapy franchise owners looking for in potential employees? How do therapists break into sports massage?

    The AMTA Career Success Series, an insider’s look at what to expect in different workplace settings. AMTA understands the importance of having a competitive edge in today’s job market. 

    • "Working in a Spa" provides tips on interviewing, benefits and wages, areas for advancement and more.

    » More about workplace settings.

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  • AMTA's Marketing Tools

    Access resources, templates and ideas to market your practice and massage therapy services, as well as educate consumers about the benefits of massage therapy.

    AMTA Marketing Tools

    Within our Career Guidance online resources, you will find templates, tips and tools to start a marketing plan or bolster your current efforts.

    AMTA's marketing resources will help give you a competitive edge.

    Access AMTA's Marketing Tools » 

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  • Social Media Tools & Connections

    AMTA's social media opportunities help you stay on top of AMTA news, keep up with trends in the profession and connect with colleagues. 

    AMTA Social Media Connections

    Join us now on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to connect with our expansive community of massage therapists and consumers. Promote your own practice and online profile.

    » More about Social Networking

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  • AMTA Find a Massage School locator service

    Attract potential students with AMTA's FindaMassageSchool.Org Massage School Locator Service.

    Your school's profile page gives you a chance to reach prospective students and generate leads! Enter your school's information in our easy-to-fill-out form and start increasing your recruitment rate immediately.  A student can easily search for a massage therapy school near them and read information about the school.

    Links to your school's website and an e-mail contact are included on your profile and a "Request Information" button makes it easy for future students to contact your school.

    Start your school profile

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  • School Administrative and Operational Resources

    These AMTA resources include research reports, marketing tools and more. Attract students to your school and keep them enrolled through graduation.

    These AMTA resources include our Massage  Profession Research Reports, downloadable marketing tools, student fact sheets and more. Attract students to your school and keep them enrolled through graduation!


    Operating Your School »

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  • Supporting Your Students

    Access a multitude of resources to help your students thrive while in school and transition into the profession. Check out AMTA Student Scholarships, career guides and more.

    Access a multitude of resources to help your students thrive while in school and transition into the profession. Check out AMTA Student Scholarships, our AMTA Mentoring Program, career exploration guides and more. Our benefits are tailored for the needs of massage therapists at every step in their career—from the first day of class to their needs near graduation: licensure/certification, career guidance and job placement.


    Support Your Students and Graduates »

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  • Curriculum Development Resources

    Check out these AMTA resources for curriculum development at your massage therapy school.

  • Teaching Guides and Classroom Resources

    From in-depth online courses to tactical teaching guides, AMTA has the tools to help you effectively and efficiently manage your classroom.

    From in-depth online courses to tactical teaching guides and face-to-face events, AMTA has the right tools to help you effectively and efficiently manage your classroom. Check out AMTA's text books, instructional online courses for classroom management and more resources to enhance your experience as a massage therapy instructor.

    Teaching & Classroom Resources »


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  • Massage Information Center

    Looking for specific massage therapy practice information? 

    Contact AMTA staff for customized research services on massage therapy topics.

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Networking and community

Networking and community

Expand your community through your local chapter membership, the AMTA National Convention, our Mentoring program and more. AMTA makes it easy to connect with fellow therapists and clients. 

Join AMTA Already a member? View your benefits »

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  • Chapter Local Meetings & Programs

    Get involved in your chapter for local education, networking and volunteer opportunities. 

    AMTA Chapter Members

     Make connections on a local-level and take advantage of numerous volunteer and leadership positions. Your chapter connections provide you with a community of like-minded professionals, a wealth of resources and a personal connection to your profession. 

    Connect with your chapter today »

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  • AMTA’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week®

    Participate in this special week to share your expertise with the public and raise awareness about massage therapy—your profession.

    National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

    As part of the association's ongoing consumer awareness program, National Massage Therapy Awareness Week gives AMTA members the opportunity to promote the profession and their practices.

    Get involved »

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  • AMTA Mentoring Program

    Learn and build connections with experienced AMTA members, or volunteer to mentor a massage therapist new to the profession.

    AMTA's Mentoring Program was launched to help improve communication skills, goal-setting and success planning for AMTA members just entering the massage therapy profession.

    Participants will reap the rewards of our Mentoring Program by developing leadership skills, fostering lasting friendships, sharing mutual interests and more. 

    Learn more about participating the Mentoring Program!

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  • Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

    Get involved and give back when you help shape the future of your association by serving on a committee, becoming a chapter officer or holding a national volunteer position.

    AMTA Chapter Volunteers

    Whether you're looking to get involved within AMTA nationally or within your chapter, AMTA has numerous ways for you to be active in the profession you love. AMTA is a member-driven organization and your voice is essential to our continued advancement. Make lifelong connections while contributing to our profession.

    Learn how to  get involved » 

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From massage supplies to marketing services, AMTA offers you more for less. Feel prepared and ready to take the next step in your practice. 

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  • Massage Warehouse

    Save up to 30% at Massage Warehouse plus pay just $4.99 shipping on supply and equipment orders.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    Only AMTA members receive an everyday discount of up to 30%* on Massage Warehouse products.

    Save on shipping! Pay only $4.99 shipping  on supply and equipment orders.

    AMTA Members also save 30% on Bon Vital® products at Massage Warehouse - exclusive savings!

    *AMTA member discount does not apply to products already discounted by Massage Warehouse.

    Disclaimer:  AMTA member discount does not apply to products already discounted by Massage Warehouse. $4.99 shipping, no minimum purchase, is valid only within the U.S. and only to the contiguous 48 states when standard Ground shipping is selected. Upgraded shipping options may be available at an additional cost. Offer may not be applied to previous orders or used in conjunction with any other offer.


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  • ClinicSense - Online Practice Management Software

    ClinicSense offers everything you need to manage your massage practice, including SOAP notes, online scheduling, online intake forms, invoicing, gift certificates, and more. Only AMTA members save 25% on monthly fees. Try a 14-day free trial.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    ClinicSense customers spend 72% less time managing administrative paperwork.

    Whether you're a sole practitioner or a small clinic, paperwork can eat up a lot of your time. With ClinicSense, you can spend less time managing your practice and more time doing what you love - massage!

    AMTA exclusive discount – 25% lifetime discount!

    ClinicSense includes:

    • SOAP notes
    • Intake forms
    • Online scheduling
    • Payment processing
    • Gift Certificates
    • Email marketing
    • Introductory phone call
    • And more!

    Choose from 3 different packages:

    • Basic - $21.75 per month (you save $7.25/mo)
    • Grow - $44.25 per month (you save $14.75/mo)
    • Pro - $74.25 per month (you save $25.75/mo)

    Try a 14-day free trial today! No credit card required, no contract, cancel at any time.

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  • Create Your Own Free Website

    Attract more clients and boost your credibility with your own FREE mobile responsive website from AMTA partner BodyworkSites.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    AMTA Member Websites from BodyworkSites

    New! - Mobile Responsive Designs

    Attract more massage clients and boost your credibility with your own FREE website from AMTA.

    AMTA has partnered with a trusted vendor, BodyworkSites, to bring you a great benefit: a free website for your massage practice.

    Free Website Features Include:

    • Easy 5 Minute Set Up – Keep your energy for your practice. It only takes five minutes to set up your new website.
    • 5 Pages of Content – What makes your massage practice unique? Tell prospective clients about your favorite modalities, what to expect for their first massage, how to contact you and more.
    • 60 Templates – Customize the look of your site. Choose from 12 mobile responsive designs and 5 different color choices.
    • Frequently Asked Questions – Visit the comprehensive FAQ documet to learn more.
    • Technical Support – Have a question about your website? Get the answers you need by emailing BodyworkSites’ knowledgeable tech support team.

    Already have an AMTA website? Upgrade to a mobile responsive design in minutes! Mobile responsive sites  help:

    • Optimize viewer experience on any device
    • Increase search ranking, Google rewards mobile responsive websites
    • And more!

    To upgrade your site to a mobile responsive template, simply log-in to your website control panel and then click the "Change My Theme" button. Then choose any of our new mobile responsive designs.

    That's it! Every page of your current site will be instantly upgraded. And don't worry, if you don't like your new site, you can easily switch back to your old site design at any time.

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  • Vistaprint

    Customize your business cards, postcards, brochures and more. Save 20 percent sitewide.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    At Vistaprint you’ll find great value and a wide variety of easy-to-customize products like business cards, marketing products, websites, invitations and stationery, clothing, signage and more – all backed by their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. With limited-time deals on top of all of that, what’s not to love?

    And, best of all, AMTA members get special deals from Vistatprint!

    • 100 economy Business cards for $1.99
    • 500 Standard Buisness cards for $9.99
    • 20% OFF sitewide
    • Buy more, save more - $5 off $25 orders, $10 off $50 orders
    • New customers - 20% off plus FREE shipping on $50 plus orders

    *AMTA receives a commission on sales through its Vistaprint portal.

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  • Square - Credit Card Reader

    Accept credit card payments with your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. No contract. No monthly fees. Simple pricing: 2.45% per card swipe for new users.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    Square is a credit card reader/application that enables you to process credit card transactions anywhere in the U.S. with your smartphone or tablet. The application is free and the card reader is free. The only fee is per transaction.

    Exclusive rate for new users: 2.45% per card swipe!

    As an exclusive to AMTA members, Square is now offering new Square users a transaction rate of 2.45% per card swipe compared to the public rate of 2.75%.

    NOTE: The 2.45% rate is ONLY available by logging in to AMTA's website and signing up with the link provided. You cannot access this rate through Square customer service nor the Square site.

    Your plan includes:

    •  Free Square Magstripe card reader
    •  Free app for iPhone, iPad & Android
    • Simple pricing: 2.45% per swipe. No additional transaction fees.
    •  No commitments . No contracts.
    •  Accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
    •  Daily deposit to your bank account 

    Accept Chip Cards

    86% of U.S. consumers now have a chip card. Accept chip cards (EMV) and Apple Pay by ordering a Square contactless + chip reader today. Note, the Square chip reader must be purchased through Square.

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  • Office Depot and OfficeMax

    Office Depot and OfficeMax are now one company! AMTA members save up to 80% on over 93,000 products. Enjoy FREE next-day delivery on online orders over $50. You can shop online or print an "AMTA Store Purchasing Card" to shop at a location near you.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    Use your exclusive AMTA member discounts today!

    • Shop online or at an Office Depot or OfficeMax location
    • Save up to 80% on preferred products
    • Discounts below retail on 93,000 products
    • Free next-day delivery on orders over $50 (excludes furniture)

    Frequently Asked Questions

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  • SOAP Vault - Charting Simplified

    Create SOAP notes in under a minute then access those notes anytime anywhere from any internet connection. AMTA Members receive a 25% discount. Try a FREE 30-day trial today.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    AMTA Members Save 25%!

    SOAP Vault is a web based SOAP notes service that simplifies charting. 

    Create SOAP notes in under a minute then access those notes anytime anywhere from any Internet connection.

    SOAP Vault includes:

    • Interactive charting
    • Note Duplication
    • Online Scheduling
    • Multiple therapist options
    • Enhanced security

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  • AMTA Discount Prescription Card

    Get an AMTA Discount Prescription Card and save up to 70% on prescription drugs at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    Save up to 20% on brand name prescriptions, and up to 70% on generic prescriptions.

    Coverage includes your entire household, including pets. No enrollment required, no fees, no restriction, no obligations and the card never expires.

    Your AMTA Discount Prescription Card entitles you to discounts on all prescription drugs at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide including:

    • Target
    • Walgreens
    • Wal-mart
    • CVS
    • Rite Aid
    • And many others

    Your FREE AMTA Discount Prescription Card provides discounts on all FDA approved prescription drugs. There are no limited drug lists, no waiting periods or deductibles. Your card is active the moment you present it at a participating pharmacy.

     Frequently Asked Questions 

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  • Genbook Online Appointment Scheduler

    Full featured and easy to use online appointment scheduling software. AMTA members save 25 percent plus get the first month free!

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    Genbook discount for AMTA members

    "I tripled my business using Genbook...I don't even use a receptionist anymore. I just tell my clients to book online." London Elise, Owner, Soothe Day Spa, San Francisco

    Your customers are constantly online or on their smartphones. You need to meet them there.

    Using our simple yet powerful system, you can:

    • Book appointments
    • Get verified customer reviews
    • Manage your business with Mobile apps
    • Connect seamlessly with your clients
    • Collect payments

    Genbook is priced to grow with you, and there are never any contracts, obligations or hidden fees.

    1 User - $23 with AMTA Discount, a $7 per month savings

    2-5 Users -$38 with AMTA Discount, a $12 per month savings

    6+ Users - $56 with AMTA Discount, a $19 per month savings

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  • Schedulicity - Online Appointment Scheduler

    Schedulicity provides easy online scheduling and marketing tools to help you grow your business. Schedulicity is now FREE ( for 20 appointments per month). AMTA members get a 25% discount on unlimited monthly appointments.

    Sign in to access benefit » Not a member? Join AMTA today »

    Save time and increase profitability using Schedulicity!

    Schedulicity is a leader in online appointment scheduling.

    Schedulicity is now FREE for the first 20 scheduled appointments each month.

    And as an AMTA member you get a 25% discount on unlimited appointments!

    • 1 provider -  AMTA members pay $15.00/month, saving of $5.00 per month
    • 2-5  providers - AMTA members pay $22.50/month, saving $7.50 per month
    • 6-10  providers - AMTA members pay $30.00/month, saving $10.00 per month
    • 11 plus providers - AMTA members pay $35.00/month, saving $15.00 per month

    Schedulicity includes:

    • Schedulicity Calendar
    • Automatic Appointment Reminders
    • Business Listing at Schedulicity.com
    • Marketing Tools
    • Advanced Scheduling Tools
    • Mobile
    • Text Message Reminders + $4.95


    • Phone and email support
    •  Live demonstration webinars

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  • Constant Contact Email Marketing Program

    Send email newsletters your clients will love. Save 20% when you pre-pay six months, or save 25% when you pre-pay for one year. Try a 60-day free trial today.

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    Email marketing is good for your practice. Email connects you to people. A web-based email marketing program helps you understand your clients' response, so you can plan your next marketing move. It's easy, affordable and proven to keep customers coming back.

    Getting started is simple

    • Customize your newsletter template
    • Add your client email addresses
    • Send and share your email newsletter
    • Track your results

    Pricing per contacts

    • 0-500                    $20/mo
    • 501-2,500           $35/mo
    • 2,501-5,000       $55/mo
    • 5,001-10,000     $85/mo
    • 10,000+                Call Constant Contact


    • 20% discount on monthly services when your pre-pay 6 months
    • 25% discount on monthly services when you pre-pay 1 year

    Constant Contact's award winning customer service is only a call away (855-797-4708) and there's a 100% money back guarantee.

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  • Intuit QuickBooks—The #1 Rated Small Business Software

    Whether you’re self-employed or a small business owner, QuickBooks can help you get organized, save time and simplify what you do every day.

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    QuickBooks Small Business (Multiple Employees)

    Know where your small business stands with QuickBooks for Small Business.

    • Easily track your income and expenses
    • Stay in sync with your bank
    • Manage and pay bills
    • Free mobile app
    • Always be ready for tax time

    AMTA Members save 30% on the first 6 months of QuickBooks Small Business! Pay as little as $10/month for your first 6 months. Try a free 30-day trial.

    QuickBooks Self-Employed (Sole Proprietors)

    Independent contractors and freelancers save more using QuickBooks Self-Employed! Users find an average of $3,809 in potential tax savings per year.1

    • Easily separate your business and personal finances in a single click
    • Quarterly estimated taxes calculated automatically
    • Maximize your deductions with Schedule C categorization
    • Free mobile app

    AMTA members save 50% for six months on QuickBooks Self-Employed when you purchase now. You’ll pay only $5 per month for the first six months.

    If your business grows, it’s easy to upgrade to QuickBooks for Small Business!

    “It makes being self-employed less worrisome, knowing your financials are in order with the correct estimates for taxes.” – Mark, QuickBooks Self-employed User

    With all Intuit QuickBooks software, your information is secured with bank-grade encryption.2

    1 Average potential saving figure is based on TY2014 data of QBSE paid subscribers, average savings calculated by including expense as taxable business deduction.

    2 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the same encryption technology used by some of the world’s top banking institutions to secure data that is sent over the internet.

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  • Gift Card Program from Spafinder Wellness 365™

    Boost your online presence and attract new customers with the most trusted spa and wellness marketing and gift card program on the web. The first 60 days are free.

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    AMTA members save on Spafinder Wellness 365


     Attract new customers with the world’s largest spa & wellness media marketing and gifting company with an unparalleled global network and audience:

    • Boost your online and mobile presence with a full feature profile listing on the #1 most trafficked site for spa and wellness.
    • Get online marketing expertise through paid and organic search that will drive new customers through your doors.

    Enjoy the benefits of Spafinder's gift card program:

    • 34 percent of new spa activity results from gift cards/certificates
    • Gift cards are sold via 70,000 retail and online locations as well as corporate partnerships (American Express Membership Rewards, Delta SkyMiles & American Airlines)

    By joining, you'll immediately have access to Spafinder's suite of products, including:

    • Geo-targeted email and newsletter features
    • Expanded profile with detailed service menu, facilities and amenities
    • Unlimited deal postings on website and mobile apps . No committment, no long-term obligation, free to cancel at anytime

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  • TurboTax - Federal Free Edition

    Get your taxes done right. 100% accurate calculations and your maximum refund, guaranteed. Start for free.

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    TurboTax for AMTA Members

    TurboTax - Taxes done right

    With TurboTax you'll get your biggest tax refund guaranteed, with 100 percent accurate calculations, and step-by-step guidance so you are confident your taxes are done right.

    Join the millions who file for $0 with Turbotax's Absolute Zero Free editon available for simple tax returns (1040EZ/1040A).  

    TurboTax is the #1 rated, best-selling tax software brand year after year.

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  • AMTA Advertising and Sponsorship

    Push your exposure as an AMTA Supporting member with AMTA's advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

    Push your exposure as an AMTA Supporting member with AMTA's advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Share your product in publications such as AMTA's award-winning Massage Therapy Journal (mtj), or promote your business at our National Convention. 

    Learn more about how you can promote your business with AMTA's advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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Stay engaged with timely massage therapy news and updates through our award-winning publications and related news stories.

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  • Massage Therapy Journal

    From marketing resources to self-care practices to information on work environments, Massage Therapy Journal is the resource that will keep you up-to-date and at the top of your game.

    MTJ 2016 Covers

    This award-winning quarterly publication gives you the information you need to stay competitive in the massage therapy profession. AMTA members receive a free subscription.

    View the current issue and search the archive »

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  • Hands On Members e-newsletter

    AMTA's monthly, member-only newsletter is designed to bring you timely news, updates and opportunities.

    Hands On AMTA Member Benefit

    This all-member newsletter  brings you timely news, the latest massage therapy research and benefit updates to ensure you get the most value from your membership--delivered each month right to your inbox!

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  • AMTA Student Experience

    Quarterly e-newsletter designed to help students prepare for their career in the massage therapy profession.

    Learn more about what's going on in the massage therapy profession, as well as what AMTA has to offer, in this quarterly e-newsletter just for student members. You'll get information on how to find a job, marketing tips, getting started in your own practice as well as self-care practices that will keep you in the profession.

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  • Consumer Massage Therapy Articles

    Use these content rich articles to  help retain clients and grow your practice.

    Browse these archives for articles on massage and wellness that specifically relate to your clients. Share articles on massage research on your social media accounts or website!

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