AMTA's Massage Therapy Liability Insurance Overview

Protect yourself from malpractice lawsuits with massage liability insurance included with an AMTA membership.

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Insurance for Professional Massage Therapists

An AMTA Professional Membership includes broad liability insurance for massage therapists to protect you from covered losses.

AMTA has partnered with HPSO, providing insurance coverage through CNA, an “A” rated insurance provider, to provide the best protection for you and your practice.

Your coverage includes:

  • Coverage of up to $2 million per occurrence/$6 million aggregate for professional liability, general liability, products and personal injury
  • Coverage for hot stone massage is included at no extra cost
  • Dual coverage for massage therapists who are also estheticians and/or yoga instructors is also included at no extra charge
  • There is no charge to add an additional insured
  • Downloading your Certificate of Insurance is free and easy

Call HPSO with specific questions about AMTA's coverage: 1-888-253-1474.

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Insurance for Recent Massage School Graduates

The Graduate membership level is designed specifically for those new to the profession. Members at this level enjoy the same general liability insurance for massage therapists as Professional AMTA Members.

Graduate Members qualify for the insurance coverage if they have:

  1. Graduated from their initial massage therapy training program of 500 or more in-class hours; 
  2. And met applicable state or local licensing requirements.*

student with massage insurance

Insurance for Massage Therapy Students

Student members are covered with AMTA’s professional and general liability insurance for school-sponsored or sanctioned activities while they are still a student.

Upon graduation, students may renew as a Graduate member to enjoy AMTA’s top-notch Professional and General Liability Insurance.

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Call our insurance provider HPSO at 1-888-253-1474 if you:

  • Have additional questions about coverage, including, whether or not a specific modality is included
  • Need to report a claim
  • Need a copy of your insurance policy

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Check out AMTA’s Optional Insurance Program for massage therapists for group rates on health, dental, life and more.

*Please note that for any state or locale that requires licensure, it’s imperative that Graduate Members do not practice until their license has been obtained. Where licensure is required, successful graduation from a massage therapy training program may not be sufficient for professional liability coverage to apply.

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