Schools Summit Preview: Essential Elements of Career Services

By: Kasey Higbee, AMTA 2014 Schools Summit Speaker

Do you aim to produce the type of massage therapists that achieve consistent clinical results, find success in business and drive the whole profession to even greater heights? The recipe is simple; for every two parts clinical preparation, you must add one part business preparation. However, the diverse populations, unique needs and the often limited resources mean there's no cookie-cutter solution to developing career services program that fits every massage school. Nonetheless, there are core elements to consider.

The AMTA 2014 Schools Summit session the "Essential Elements of Career Services" will show how to implement these elements to develop the right program for your school.

  • Assessment of Interests, Needs & Resources
    Determine what your schools' interests are and what their needs are in terms of career services. Then, assess what tangible and intangible resources your school already has in place and decide what resources still need developing. 
  • Systems of Efficiency that Foster Measurable Outcomes
    In this session, you'll learn about the systems and processes that can make the implementation and development of career services a seamless process that build momentum and enthusiasm, rather than more work and frustration.
  • Successful Students to Prosperous Professionals
    Discover the ways that career services can serve your students in the classroom and beyond. We will discuss the essential services needed and how to make them applicable and interesting to students now and in the years after they graduate and move on from your program. 
  • Evaluating the Process & Outcomes
    A job well done is an honorable goal, but it is not the only desired end. As the massage industry grows and technology continues to thrust forward, the business of massage will inevitably undergo more changes too. Designing a career services program with this in mind is half the battle, but evaluating the process and measuring your outcomes is also paramount. You'll find out how to use technology to both measure your career services program's success and leverage the skills of your students..

Learn more! Gain more practical tools and ideas for establishing a career services program at your school at the AMTA 2014 Schools Summit in San Diego, February 6-7. Register now and view all of the Schools Summit content.

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