Student Experience Newsletter

Top 5 Ways to Improve Client Communication
Jul 11, 2016
Make the most of the time you have with your clients, from intake to follow-up appointments.
Self-care: Yoga
May 16, 2016
Yoga helps many massage therapists take care of themselves to reduce the pain and muscle stress that can come with the job.
Massage + Medically Fragile Clients
May 16, 2016
How massage can be used with elderly clients and what you need to know when working with this population.
Massage Exam Study Prep App for the MBLEx
Jan 29, 2016
Study anytime, anywhere with the AMTA's FREE Massage Exam Prep App for the MBLEx!
5 Self-Care Exercises: Hands + Wrists
Jan 28, 2016
Your hands and wrists are important to your practice. Use these five tips to keep them in top condition.
Massage + Fibromyalgia
Jan 28, 2016
How massage therapy is helping people deal with the pain of fibromyalgia
Know Your History: Three Massage Therapy Profession Milestones
Nov 12, 2015
Having an understanding of history is important for massage therapists emerging as modern health and wellness professionals.
Ethical Dilemmas: Negotiating Conflict
Nov 10, 2015
Learn to negotiate the sometimes murky territory of ethical dilemmas to maintain the professional standards that are an integral part of your success as a massage therapist.
5 ways your AMTA Membership helps you at every stage!
Aug 26, 2015
Whether you are already licensed and ready to start your career or recently graduated and waiting to take your licensure exam, your AMTA membership is vital at all stages of your education and career.
Self-care for Career Longevity: 3 Great Tips
Jul 31, 2015
As a massage therapist, your body (and mind) will let you know when something isn’t working— and you need to pay attention.

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