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AMTA's Student Experience is a quarterly e-newsletter designed for massage therapy students. Inside each issue, you'll find resources to jump-start your career, articles to help you start and build your practice, and other tools geared specifically toward AMTA Student members.

Check out the archives below for references to guide you as you begin your career as a massage therapist.

Massage + Ethics
Jul 23, 2015
While working with your clients, complicated issues may arise, and knowing how to handle these problems in a professional, ethical manner can be the key to a successful practice.
Top 5 Ways to Improve Client Communication
Jul 11, 2016
Make the most of the time you have with your clients, from intake to follow-up appointments.
Welcome to the American Massage Therapy Association!
Apr 12, 2019
Joining a professional association is a great way to start building a community. From the start of your education through your entire massage therapy career, AMTA is here to help you succeed.
Getting the Most from Your American Massage Therapy Association Membership
Aug 4, 2016
Find out how your AMTA membership can help you succeed in the massage therapy profession.
Understanding the Importance of Ethics
Jul 18, 2016
Along with the skill of performing massage therapy is the importance of understanding how crucial ethics are to your career as a massage therapist.

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