Letter from Board President Christopher Deery

Christopher Deery

Salutations, my fellow AMTA members!

I am grateful and honored to write you as national president, and thank you for your support of our association and profession. We are in a very exciting time, and we have the future literally in our hands!

Our association and our profession are in a constant state of evolution – individually responding to the needs of our members, and to the needs of our clients on the tables and chairs in our practices. We are gaining recognition as healthcare providers, regardless of where or how we practice, which, from where I sit, is a sacred trust. We can strive to stay ahead of this curve by engaging our community of massage therapists, continuing to allow ourselves to be inspired with every client, and experiencing our professional organization –AMTA.

One of the most beautiful characteristics of our AMTA family is that we are truly diverse. Some of us practice in the spa environment, some in hospitals and clinical settings, some in a franchise setting, and many of us in private practice. That does not change our focus – our clients--  nor does it lessen our dedication to be the best professional massage therapists we can be. We flourish in our differentiation, and we all come together as AMTA.

With great volunteer leaders and the support of our award winning staff, AMTA is moving our profession forward. Massage therapy is recognized as a safe and effective alternative to opioids for pain management. What we do is getting more and more recognition as a safe and effective complement to existing treatments for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. No matter where we practice – in athletic training rooms, at the airport doing chair massage, in our clients’ homes, or backstage at events – we meet our clients where they are, and they can present with any of these issues. We have a great network of people that helps great people.

So where can we go from here? How can we continue to grow and evolve? I may not have the perfect answers in this moment, but I have faith that our network – our AMTA family  - will find a way to flourish further, together. Our time is now.

Viva la evolution! 

Christopher Deery

"It's nice to know that I am part of an organization that is backing me 100 percent."

Kristie W., AMTA member since 2011