Message from Board President Dolly Wallace

Uniting Our Association and Our Profession

The American Massage Therapy Association's planning and leadership training for chapter presidents and other chapter leaders was held in June in San Diego, California with the national board, standing committee chairs and invited staff. I want all of our members to know how your volunteer structure helps the association serve you.

We expanded our meeting over previous years by inviting up to two volunteers from each chapter. We also expanded the number of staff in attendance, who  made presentations and shared current resources available to chapters. Staff also was available throughout the entire meeting to offer support and answer questions.

I am excited and inspired by the work we do together, as a team. Some characteristics of our successful team that I observed are: a sense of community, loyalty, gratitude, kindness, potential, responsible, caring, unity, respect, trust, passion, supporting, connected, proud, progressive, and the list goes on.

Each volunteer plays a vital role in our success as an association and as a profession. I thank EACH of our volunteers for your time and commitment.

The content ranged from a presentation of the workings of the national office, legal obligations and achievements of AMTA over the past three years, as guided by knowledge-based decision-making and expressed through our multi-year initiatives.

The volunteers readily engaged in discussion regarding proposed changes to the AMTA House of Delegates and suggested new ones (comment on those here). There was also discussion of how to allow chapters to share financial and volunteer resources. Two workgroups were created as a result of those discussions.

There were 61 chapter board members in attendance from 40 states. The program received a 96.6% top rating in the post-event evaluations.

The back and forth sharing between chapter leaders, national leaders and staff was non-stop and extremely productive. It is amazing what can be accomplished when great minds come together with common goals. We all learned from each other and our association and profession will benefit from the stellar work that was done.

If you haven't volunteered yet, I encourage you to do so. Get involved. To learn more, contact We welcome new members to our team. This is one way AMTA learns from and all members benefit from our interaction for a united purpose.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our National Convention, September 13-16 in Pasadena, California.

Thank you everyone for all you do for AMTA and for our profession.

Dolly Wallace
National President

"AMTA does the most to support our profession."

Jesse J., AMTA member since 2011