Message from AMTA President Dolly Wallace

Dolly Wallace

Hello fellow AMTA members,  

It is truly a great honor and privilege for me to serve as your national president. This is an exciting time to be a member of the American Massage Therapy Association! 

Our association has experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years. We have reached an all-time high in individual and school memberships for each of the last four years. Although we are great in number, I want you to know you are not lost in the numbers. Each member is important and as one individual, you are never alone in the AMTA. We are a community. We are a team.  We are united. 

As we work closely with others to unify our profession, we continue to work to unite our association. Unity starts with chapters as we reach out to members and potential members to offer a welcoming community at our chapter meetings and events. I recall how unsure I was as I drove three hours to my first chapter meeting years ago. I didn't know one other person who would be in attendance. Within the first half hour, I knew I was part of something amazing! I encourage each one of us to reach out and welcome others into our world. It is a special place meant to be shared. 

Volunteering at a national level is another level of commitment, yet still has that basic foundation. It is reaching out to welcome and support all of our members. 

We also have a sense of community with our staff. Our national staff supports us daily. As we do the daily work, they do the heavy lifting for our association and for our profession. You have heard us say many times, "We are one AMTA." It includes the individual member, the school member, the chapter leaders, the national leaders and the staff. We are a team. We are united. 

As we work towards unifying our profession, we continue to work with the many stakeholders in our profession on educational standards/requirements, continuing education, licensing and many other issues facing our profession. 

I would like to see each of us focus on working with a spirit of unity. Working together, playing on the same team, all working towards the same goal. We can make a difference for our association and our profession. Won't you be a player on Team AMTA? We need and welcome you!

"AMTA and my chapter have already given me back so much
that I cannot believe I ever considered another group."

Chris B., AMTA member since 2012