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Professionalism With AMTA

Hello Friends! It is a great honor and privilege for me to be your new AMTA National President. For the “die-hard” AMTA readers, you are probably reading this issue of Hands On and wondering if I am going to recycle the same things that I highlighted in Massage Therapy Journal. The easy answer is, yes, some. But this is the group of AMTA readers that I feel closest to, so I hope to give some insight into the benefits that AMTA gives you to develop your professionalism.

I have mentored many massage therapists who attended my continuing education ethics classes about how to develop professionalism. My first question to them is usually, “How involved are you with your professional association?”

AMTA helps with many of the cornerstones of professionalism. AMTA has helped me with my commitment to both personal and professional growth. Here are some of my own personal rules of professionalism that have helped me continue to push our profession forward:

Mentor and Be Mentored.

As a young massage therapist,  AMTA Chapter meetings helped me connect with massage therapists with much more experience. I also shared my unique experiences to add to the collective knowledge. This allowed me to feel comfortable asking questions, even when I wasn't sure the question was worth asking. AMTA Chapters and the local networking experience helps build quality professionals.

Never Stop Learning and Developing New Skills.

Having attended 12 of the last 13 National Conventions, and maybe double that for chapter conventions. I can tell you there is always something new to learn. And each and every client shows me that there is something new to learn to better help them. Be curious, both about your world and your profession. Your clients depend on you to stay current in the massage therapy profession so you treat them and better educate them on the benefits of massage therapy.

Plan for Your Future.

Don’t leave your future up to the fates—make your life happen! When I have been asked to volunteer for an AMTA position, I started looking at what my life would look like for the next few years with or without this position. I realized by setting my plans for several years out I became much more productive. Just think about the activities that are the most meaningful. Most of them take planning and preparation for months if not years. Examples in my life include having children, education, training for a marathon, and authoring a book (still in the works!). Doing so can be a great motivator and help you envision how you see your future!

I hope you will join us in all of the things that AMTA will do to develop the profession, one member at a time. I am honored to serve our members and the profession, and I hope to meet many of you at our National Convention this October in Milwaukee!  Be well.

Nathan Nordstom
AMTA President

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"AMTA is just the best professional organization there is and does the most for their people."

Karen T., AMTA member since 2002