Where do you Work? Support AMTA's Marathon Runner Marcy Cook!

AMTA member Marcy Cook is a massage therapist as well as a runner, and now she's representing AMTA and the Massage Therapy Foundation in the 2016 Boston Marathon. How is her training going, and why did she decide to volunteer? Read more about Marcy below.

Why massage therapy?

I wanted to do something in the health care field after learning the legal field wasn't the right fit for me. I looked at several options, but massage felt right.  I enrolled in a massage therapy program two weeks after going to visit the first school!

Where is your current work setting? 

I am a private practice massage therapist. I started my own business after working at a larger medical massage practice for many years. 

Do you have a specialization?

Medical and therapeutic massage. 

What do you enjoy most? What are some of the challenges?

I really enjoy working with the medical community, but that's probably my most challenging aspect as well. I collaborate with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists who respect what massage can do for a mutual patient. But, not everyone in the medical field feels that way just yet. And, some people are limited to the treatments that insurance will cover, which can be frustrating. 

How has AMTA impacted your career?

AMTA has created an entire network of professionals who can partner together. I've enjoyed getting together will fellow AMTA members for discussion on difficult cases, the continuing education classes hosted by AMTA are always the best and AMTA is an awesome referrals source for all kinds of information including self-care techniques and the therapist finder. 

When did you become a runner? 

I started running just over five years ago. 

The Boston Marathon is a couple months away! How is training going?  

Training is really good right now! I'm feeling great during long runs and I have a half marathon practice race in a few weeks. I've tried to take on a more balanced approach to running this training cycle with cross training including strength training and yoga. Regular massage is always a part of any training plan I do. 

What motivated you to sign up for this marathon and fundraising experience?

This is an experience of a lifetime for me. I enjoy running and Boston is one of the most prestigious races, which of course motivated me. I love the cause just as much. The Massage Therapy Foundation is extremely important to me as a practicing therapist, as it helps to advance the entire massage therapy profession. 

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