Where Do You Work? AMTA Schools Summit Speaker Whitney Lowe

Whitney Lowe brings a unique set of skills and years of clinical experience to the table as he works to maintain a high standard of education in the profession. Learn more about the AMTA 2016 Schools Summit speaker below.

What attracted you to the massage therapy profession?

While I was in graduate school studying psychology, I became very curious about the mind-body connection and wanted to learn more about a body-centered discipline. Originally, my intention was not to become a professional massage therapist, but to incorporate it into other things I was doing along with counseling psychology. However, once I went to massage school, I became fascinated with this profession. It has led to a lifelong pursuit of continual learning and sharing for this magnificent field.

What is your work environment like now?

My primary focus is education. I spent many years doing a great deal of clinical work, but realized my true passion is in education and sharing information with as many practitioners as possible. I love being in the classroom with other practitioners, but I am also fascinated with the potential for teaching in the online environment and setting higher standard for quality online course offerings. I spend a great deal of my day at the computer running my business, developing new educational materials and communicating with students. 

Do you have a specialization?

Blending the area of orthopedics with massage. I have always been fascinated with kinesiology, biomechanics, and rehabilitation science. So many people come to massage therapists looking for help with various pain and injury conditions. My goal is to help massage therapists be more prepared to deal with the many complex issues they encounter in a rehabilitation environment.

What do you enjoy most about your position?

The great gift that an educator gets to experience is feeling excitement about a topic and sharing that excitement with students. I love learning new things and sharing with students—especially when what I share may help relieve pain their clients are experiencing.

What is a typical day like for you?

The first part of the day is generally devoted to activities for running the business, which may include marketing, communication with our schools and customers, and grading online student work. I try to devote the second half of the day to production projects, including articles I write for magazines, work on book revisions, and creation of new online or classroom course work.

How has AMTA impacted your career?

AMTA has been an instrumental part of my career all along the way. I joined AMTA right out of school, and have had a long and fruitful relationship for over 25 years. I have done volunteer work for the organization that has helped move massage therapy forward in the health care world. In addition, the numerous state chapter and national conferences I have spoken at have been a wonderful opportunity to meet new students and share education that has helped their practices.

What is the biggest advantage of attending the AMTA 2016 Schools Summit?

The opportunity to network with other administrators, instructors and educators across the field. These networking opportunities provide some of the most rich and rewarding learning experiences from the School Summit. 

What will be some key takeaways from your session "Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching Clinical Assessment Skills ?"

  • A better understanding of the crucial importance of including assessment training in your massage therapy curriculum
  • Strategies for incorporating assessment in the classroom in fun and engaging ways
  • Discussion of key skills and abilities needed for instructors teaching assessment concepts
  • Innovative classroom and online strategies that can help support classroom content and keep students interested and motivated

Advice for aspiring massage therapists?

It's critical to recognize that the greatest reward comes with significant effort. You may have a number of challenges along the way, but, if you are determined to make this work, you can find financial reward and, more importantly, the great personal reward that comes from helping change people's lives.

Whitney Lowe will lead the session "Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching Clinical Assessment Skills" at the AMTA 2016 Schools Summit, February 11-12 in Pasadena, California. Register today for our premier schools event!

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