Message From AMTA President Jeff Smoot

Together AMTA!

At the third largest National Convention in AMTA’s history, attendees really felt the meaning of the phrase "Together AMTA." Scott Hamilton started the convention with a message of both health and hope, as he described his health struggles that started when he was a young boy. Hamilton talked candidly about the role skating played in helping him face the sometimes overwhelming odds that dogged him for most of his life—as well as how massage therapy helped him both stay in the sport he loved and better handle two cancer diagnoses. The AMTA 2015 National Convention proved a shining example of the biggest and best educational and networking experience in our profession, offering more than 30 hours of great Continuing Education!

The Closing Session with New York Times wellness contributor Suleika Jaouad and Dr. Gabriel Lopez from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, a leader in oncology care, also highlighted the benefits massage therapy can provide in the integrative care setting. Together, they reminded us of the impact massage therapy can have and is having on the lives of cancer patients and their caregivers.

Looking Ahead ...

The reform of the health care delivery system is focused on the “Triple Aim” of better health care, better patient outcomes and lower overall costs. We will be moving forward to establish greater visibility, participation and influence of AMTA in the health care community so those in the industry understand the benefits of massage therapy and the value of working with massage therapists. AMTA is building relationships with many organizations to advance the integration of massage therapy into a variety of practice settings and create better practice environments for our members. A current snapshot of research on the health benefits of massage in integrated care can be found in our publication, The Value and Efficacy of Massage Therapy in Integrated Healthcare.  And for more information, check out AMTA Member Guide: Emerging Health Care Opportunities.

In September, your three presidents—Nancy, Nate and Iattended the International Fascia Research Congress, the American Academy of Pain Management Annual Meeting and the American Academy of Family Physicians Congress of Delegates in an effort to foster our relationships with multidisciplinary organizations. Please join with us, and look for opportunities to share our research with your state and local health care groups.

Together, we are AMTA!

Jeff Smoot
AMTA President 

"AMTA has been a tremendous resource over the years."

Jenn S., AMTA member since 1994