From Student to Thriving as a Graduate

Read how recent graduate and AMTA member Sarah Espada seamlessly transitioned from massage therapy student to thriving practitioner.

Why massage therapy?

I have always been interested in massage. Now that my children are getting older,  I am able to pursue a career in this field.  Seeing improvements in my clients after each session has been an amazing feeling.

What is your current work environment like?

My work environments are great. At Elements, I have great co-workers who are very supportive. I see more and more regular clients to the point that some of my days are completely booked three weeks in advance!

My other work setting is in my own studio that I share with another recent graduate. It is a new business that we just started in April.

How did you ensure a smooth transition from student to professional?

Before I graduated from school, I had already lined up  job interviews. I was determined to have something in-hand before or right after school, which I did. Within a couple days of graduation, I had an interview with Elements and walked out with the position. While I waited for licensing from the state, I tutored and practiced on family and friends to keep my skills. I did research on different techniques that I now add into my sessions.

What do you enjoy most about your position?

Being able to help others and seeing the progress.

What does being an AMTA member mean to your career?

AMTA has enabled me to transition from student to graduate membership with ease. I went right to work, already coverd by insurance, and the state was able to issue my license without any problems. The great articles that AMTA has posted on their website help me learn more about my field.  And I receive product discounts to help start up my massage business.

What advice would you offer current massage therapy students?

When going into  interviews, go with confidence. You have the basic skills that will allow you to grow. Keep your options open. When a door closes another one opens.

Also, volunteer when you can, as it helps to get your name out there. I have done volunteer work, such as post-massage for the Boston Marathon for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. This was a wonderful experience and I got so much out of it. This field is not for everyone and it takes a special person to do what we do. Be determined in your career and learn from others and your own experiences.


"AMTA is very supportive. I definitely am glad I chose to be an AMTA member."

Bailey L., AMTA member since 2016