Massage Therapy Research Round-up

AMTA Promotes Massage Research to Media and Consumers

AMTA is committed to educating the public on the many health benefits of massage therapy. In fact, our dedication to research--and making sure that you are aware of the most current published massage therapy research—is part of our strategic plan and why we support the efforts of the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Recent consumer surveys indicate more people than ever receive massage therapy for health and medical reasons. Research focused on the real health benefits of massage enhances your opportunities to provide massage for a variety of health, wellness and relaxation purposes—and this research gives you the tools you need to educate current and potential clients, health care practitioners and others associated with the massage profession.

AMTA recently compiled and distributed current findings on the benefits of massage therapy for health to the major media outlets.

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With 250 published stories on this AMTA research summary (and counting!), the importance of massage therapy for health and wellness is a message consumers want to read about too. Stories were included in major business journals in the largest media markets,, radio/TV stations throughout the country, the Boston Globe, and MarketWatch.

Read on for top stories in Massage in the News, or click the links below:

Growing Body Of Research Shows Massage Therapy Effective For Prevalent Health Conditions
Massage therapy effective for knee osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain and fibromyalgia





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