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In Season: Nurture Your Body & Mind

As cooler temperatures settle in, it's easy to fall victim to lethargy following the season of backyard barbecues, beach vacations and days spent lounging outdoors. But, while your focus may have been on relaxation and soaking up summer sun, other obligations, such as your physical wellness, might have been pushed aside. 
By regularly paying attention to your health, you're giving your body the opportunity to protect itself from potential illnesses or periods of inactivity. One way you can approach this is by creating a plan to keep moving no matter what the temperature is outside. Perhaps you'll begin by increasing your daily level of physical activity and then work on your commitment to adopting healthier lifestyle habits or meditating for mental balance.

Eat Light, Eat Fresh.

It’s no secret that the more greens you eat, the better your body will feel and perform. Try incorporating high-quality foods into your meals such as vegetables, fruits, and other foods that are unprocessed and grow naturally. Taking the time to prepare your own meals every day will result in more energy and feeling fuller with less food intake. It should save you some money, too.

Cultivate Your Brain's Aptitude.

With a balanced mind and body, you can achieve more of the goals you choose to set for yourself. When you wake up each morning, try starting the day off by listing three things you’re grateful for and follow this by picturing what you want to see happen next in your life. End the session with four minutes of visualization. This mind drill has the ability to adjust your attitude and shift the course of your day.

Reach Out.

In addition to nurturing your body and your brain, it’s important to keep track of your health by keeping in touch with your physician. She can remind you of the benefits of regularly receiving massage therapy and provide you with other holistic health recommendations. If you’re feeling more overwhelmed than usual, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s only the beginning of a bustling season! Luckily, massage is an indoor activity that you can engage in year round to ease stress and improve your overall wellness.

To learn more about how to talk with your physician about massage therapy, revisit this article from the December 2011 issue of e-touch.

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