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Renew Your Passion

Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries, no matter how much they love what they are doing for a living. This spring, make time for some activities that will help you renew and recharge—both professionally and personally.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but setting goals is an important part of keeping passion alive. If you’ve just done something huge personally or professionally, make the goal smaller. If it’s been awhile since you’ve tackled a larger opportunity, dare yourself to think bigger. If you can, find a physical representation of your goal you can keep in a desk or hung in your office to continually remind yourself of the goal you’ve set.

A study done by the Mayo Clinic suggests engaging your brain can decrease the risk for cognitive impairment during the aging process. Here are a few easy ways to flex your mental muscles:
Read.  Skim the morning newspaper or wind down in the evening by reading a few
pages of a novel. Add to this exercise by keeping a dictionary nearby and looking up any words you don’t recognize.
Do puzzles. Grab the newspaper and complete a crossword or sudoku. Or, go to the bookstore and pick up a book of crosswords.
Memorize a list of words. This can be something simple, like your grocery list, or just a few words that come to mind throughout the day that you write on a piece of paper.

It’s easy during the winter months to relax our self-care standards a bit. As we settle into a new season, revive your dedication to taking care of yourself with these helpful hints:
Eat Right. Sometimes it's easier to order out instead of spending time cooking. Putting together a good nutritious meal doesn’t have to be cumbersome or time consuming, though. Web sites like www.notakeout.com, for example, make creating interesting meals relatively simple.
Stay hydrated. Knowing how much water you should be consuming in a day isn’t as simple as some of the easy equations that are so often bantered about. The Mayo Clinic suggests that the 8 x 8 rule (eight, eight ounce glasses of fluid per day) is an acceptable basic guideline.
Get Physical. During the winter months, getting motivated to move can be difficult. Think outside the box when it comes to exercise. Can you ride your bike to work instead of driving? Take the stairs instead of the elevator? Exercise can be simple, and small changes in everyday routines can make a big difference.

Source: Parts of this article were excerpted from
mtj® (Massage Therapy Journal®) Spring 2010. Subscribe to read the entire article.

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