Take Your Career to the Next Level! Learn how from 3 AMTA Members

Being a member of AMTA can have a great impact on your massage career, regardless of whether you have years of experience or are new to the field. 

Below, three AMTA members tell us what being a member of AMTA has done for their careers!

"I first joined AMTA strictly for the liability insurance I needed to get my massage license. Now I cannot imagine not being a member!

There is so much more [than insurance]! I have my own free website. I can keep current on so much in this profession thanks to AMTA's publications—I actually keep a majority of my Massage Therapy Journals for future reference. And I certainly can't forget about AMTA's National Massage Therapy Awareness Week! It's a great opportunity every year to promote the health benefits of massage, and all of the research I cite during this week always comes from AMTA publications."

 - AMTA Member Noelle Bonjour – Where Do You Work - Being an Independent Contractor

"AMTA has enabled me to transition from student to graduate membership with ease.

I went right to work, already covered by insurance, and the state was able to issue my license without any problems. The great articles that AMTA has posted on their website help me learn more about my field.  And I receive product discounts to help start up my massage business."

- AMTA Member Sarah Espada - Where Do You Work - From Massage Student to Thriving as Graduate

"AMTA has been a huge asset to my career from the beginning. 

I became a member in 1999 shortly after becoming licensed. As a new therapist, AMTA provided me with valuable resources for marketing, education and networking, as well as giving me an identity as a serious therapist. Later in my career, I became involved with the organization as an educator. Through AMTA I have had the opportunity to present at several of their conventions on both the national and state level as well as contribute to an article in MTJ.

The members of AMTA are just outstanding. I am so grateful for all the organization continues to do to advance the profession."

- AMTA Member and Speaker Jill Burynski, Where Do You Work - Specializing in Thai Massage

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"AMTA has been a tremendous resource over the years."

Jenn S., AMTA member since 1994