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How to Inspire Your Teaching Career

Meet inspirational storyteller Kevin Carroll at the AMTA 2015 Schools Summit, February 12-13 in Tampa, Florida! Read on for tips from Kevin to inspire your teaching career and your students.


How can massage therapy teachers best inspire and connect with students so they can be successful?

Be PRESENT. Be Generous with your knowledge. Ensure that your students understand the healing power they possess with their hands (the two most powerful “modalities” of a health practitioner!). ENERGY matters!

When you think of some of the teachers who most inspired you, what are some of the qualities that come to mind?

Encouraging, challenging, engaging, nurturing, generous, life-long learners, Socratic, FUN, wonderful storytellers.

What can AMTA Schools Summit attendees expect to learn from your experiences?

By cleverly drawing from the amazing lessons of our childhood” activities, I will reveal the relevance, value and the artistry that is on full display in these pursuits and show why we MUST continue to tap into those lessons of PLAY for our business, community and personal success. I will deliver simple truths around the importance of "purposeful play" and how it can unleash the creative genius within all of us.

Keywords: purposeful play, neoteny, creative genius, power of sport, abstract thinking, problem-solving, discipline, risk-taking, business culture, change, human homework, life-long learning, ingenuity, creative soul, storytelling, obstacle vs. opportunity, courage, change perspective, making a difference, creative energy, MAGIC

What advice do you have for massage therapy instructors to maintain their enthusiasm for teaching?

Remain forever curious and do your “human homework*” daily!  
*personal and professional development work!

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Lee S., AMTA member since 1995

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