Why Voting Matters: AMTA National Elections

Why Voting Matters

You’re an AMTA member for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s our great continuing education courses that both allow you to advance your skills and stay current in the massage therapy profession. Maybe you like the community of other massage therapy professionals who are just as invested in the profession as you are. You might also choose to be an AMTA member because you know we have a robust insurance program that protects you for covered losses—giving you the peace of mind you need to build a thriving practice. Or, most likely: A combination of all of these things and more.

The benefits of AMTA membership speak for themselves, but there’s another one that might not regularly come to mind that hits closer to home: Your voice.

As a nonprofit organization, AMTA is led by volunteers who comprise our National Board of Directors who help set the direction of the association. These leaders are voted into office by AMTA members like you. So, when you vote, when you make your voice heard, what you’re really doing is choosing to actively engage with and shape your association—and, in doing so, help lead the massage therapy profession you love into the future.

In our website's National Election area, access short biographies that give you a glimpse of  the goals and vision each candidate has for both the AMTA and the massage therapy profession. Then, be sure to watch for the voting to open so you can be sure you’re among the AMTA members who are steering this membership driven organization!

"I chose AMTA because they are committed to advancing the profession."

Jackie R., AMTA member since 2011