AMTA Reaches out to Redbook

We appreciate all the grassroots response to our social media post yesterday about Redbook. Connecting massage therapy with such inappropriate behavior brings up significant safety issues for massage therapists as well as legitimate clients.

As an update to yesterday’s post, we want you to know that simultaneous to AMTA’s encouragement for all professionals to contact the editor of Redbook, AMTA President Nancy Porambo wrote to the Editor in Chief to express the outrage massage therapists felt as a result of the article. Within an hour of sending Nancy’s letter, the editor responded with the following email:

"Please thank Nancy for reaching out. I truly appreciate her feedback and comments. While the story was a first-person account of one woman's experience and was certainly not meant as a reflection on the massage industry or the professionals who work in it, we have chosen to remove it from the site. We absolutely recognize the valuable, healing services that licensed massage therapists provide: REDBOOK has covered that important work in the past, and certainly will again. And we are very interested in working with Nancy to report a follow-up story addressing the challenges and misconceptions that face professional massage therapists, told from their point of view.

Let me know how best to proceed. And thank you again for your note."

AMTA’s quick and systematic approach, as well as our reputation, has resulted in an ongoing communication with the editors of Redbook to develop at least one article on the challenges faced by massage therapists. The editor has also communicated to AMTA that the initial article is something they greatly regret and that they sincerely apologize to massage therapists.

Thanks to all who supported these efforts—massage therapy is an important part of the health and wellness protocol for a growing number of consumers and we will continue to fight for this profession’s professional recognition.

"AMTA has been a tremendous resource over the years."

Jenn S., AMTA member since 1994