AMTA & Health Care Reform

AMTA is continuing its ongoing efforts to present members with the best opportunities under national health care reform.

For example, one part of this is several collaborations with the Integrative Health Care Consortium (IHPC) in relations with U.S. Government departments and agencies. Recently, in response to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Call for Comment regarding the current landscape affected by the provider non-discrimination clause of the ACA:

  • AMTA gathered survey information from 900+ massage therapists on the effects of the ACA on them, so far.
  • In partnership with the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education, AMTA provided information on the impact that the implementation of the ACA has had on licensed massage therapists. This data was used by IHPC in their combined response on June 5 to HHS, reflecting the input of 13 Partners for Health organizations.
  • AMTA concluded that, despite research indicating effectiveness, massage therapists and the services they provide are discriminated against.
  • AMTA reinforced in its submission that a licensed massage therapist, acting within his or her scope of practice, should be accepted and reimbursed in the same manner as a physical therapist, doctor, or other healthcare provider providing the same service.

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"I chose AMTA because they are committed to advancing the profession."

Jackie R., AMTA member since 2011