AMTA Gives Members New Choices

As of January 1, 2014, you now have the choice to give financial support to your chapter, at any time, in any amount, and as many times as you wish throughout the year. The AMTA Board of Directors feels our members should have the right to choose to give additional support to their chapter, or other chapters, in any amount they wish, rather than having a required and inconsistent chapter fee. 

There is now a separate place on the member renewal page where you can enter how much you'd like to contribute. Members living in states that did not have a chapter fee may not notice a difference in their renewal process. For those who previously had a mandatory chapter fee, they will now see it as an option instead of a requirement. However, all members are invited to support their chapter or any other chapters with additional funding at any time throughout the year, to support local programs or services of importance to them. 

Your chapter works hard on your behalf. You also need to know that AMTA chapters will continue to receive the percentage of national membership dues usually allocated to them. To further support chapters, the National Office will also offer several new services to chapters, so they won’t be part of chapter expenses. And, if a chapter finds that it needs additional financial assistance to maintain necessary and high-caliber services to members, the National Board will look at providing funding. 

The association looks forward to the freedom this gives its members and its chapters to look at a variety of ways to support all the services and networking that can be experienced within AMTA.

"As a professional member of AMTA, I have found comfort in knowing that all the effort I put into obtaining my massage certification is recognized and protected. AMTA standards validate the profession."

Kim K., AMTA member since 2003