AMTA Announces 2013 Massage Therapy Tour!

We're entering the next exciting phase of AMTA’s consumer awareness program, including our 2013 Massage Therapy Tour! AMTA's consumer awareness program promotes to the public the health benefits of massage and the importance of choosing an AMTA member.

AMTA 2013 Massage Therapy Tour Stops
Indianapolis: May 29-31
Chicago: June 8-9
Overland Park (near Kansas City): June 14-15
St. Louis: June 17
Little Rock: June 22-23
Atlanta: July 2-3
Daytona Beach: July 5-6
Dallas: July 13-14

» Get the full tour details and learn about volunteer opportunities!

Continue the success of the tour and start a dialogue with your clients about the health benefits of massage using AMTA's downloadable educational materials and other resources.

In 2012, AMTA's multi-faceted consumer awareness program engaged 13 cities, hundreds of thousands of potential clients and nearly 100 member volunteers through the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour. We were featured in 300 news items and reached millions of consumers through increased media outreach. » View photos and videos from the 2012 Tour!

"AMTA has been a tremendous resource over the years."

Jenn S., AMTA member since 1994