AMTA 2012 National Elections – Candidate Bios Now Available

Chris Rider, Comissioner of Elections, announces an outstanding group of nominees for the AMTA National Board and AMTA Commission on Candidacy positions for the 2012 National Elections.

Thanks to the current Commission on Candidacy for their conscientious work this year and for providing the 2012 slate of candidates: Barb Lis, Chair, Mary Donker-Syvertsen, Julie Finn, Lori Keith and Shari Mirgon.

View 2012 candidate bios now!

If a candidate chooses to use social media, their pages are listed here.

Over the next few months, all AMTA members are encouraged to view the bios and follow candidates' social media pages to help inform your voting decisions in the 2012 National Elections. 

If your email address has changed, please contact AMTA to update your record. Our eligible member list will be compiled on October 1; any address changes after that date should be sent directly to Gail Friedman to ensure you receive your electronic ballot. 

Ballots will be emailed between November 1-5, and the deadline to submit is December 1, 2012.

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Kim K., AMTA member since 2003