We Congratulate 50 Year Member, Carol Drudge

Carol's Story In Her Own Words

I became interested in massage in my teens. My father had injured his back at work; a conduit fell from the ceiling and hit him in the back. He was on medical leave when he met someone who recommended that he go to a massage therapist he knew. This therapist helped my father so much that he soon had me and my mother going to the therapist too. We also had some aches and pains. Anyway, we were helped.

The therapist saw my interest and suggested I study. When I really became interested in making massage a career, I contacted the local AMTA. They were very helpful with advice on education, ethics, business practice and actually doing massage. I found AMTA to be very helpful over the years with classes and information when needed. I've always liked being able to help people and to learn more. There has always been more to learn. I've been lucky to have met many interesting wonderful people over the years from all walks of life.

I've liked that there are so many different methods of massage to learn and choose to use. I also liked that you could work for someone or for yourself. Over the years I have worked with another therapist, had my own office, worked at a country club, worked many years at a resort spa for women, and I spent the last years of my career doing house calls.

I retired at seventy-four because my body kept telling me it was time. I've missed the work and the people; although I am still in contact with some of them.


Carol Drudge