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Learn about the candidates for national leadership positions.

AMTA National Election: Slate of Candidates


National Elections

Christine Bailor-Goodlander (NY)

Christine Bailor-Goodlander


  • Sisters' of Charity Hospital School of Nursing, Registered Nurse, Buffalo, NY, 1985
  • St. Joseph’s College, Health Care Administration Windham, MN
  • New York Institute of Massage, Massage Therapy, Williamsville, NY, 1999
  • CORE Institute, Structural Integration, Tallahassee FL, 2003
  • Registered Professional Nurse, NY, 1985 - present
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, NY, 2000 - present
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, PA, 2013 – present
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Board Certified, 2013 – present
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Specialty Certificate, Sports Massage 2017
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Specialty Certificate, Oncology Massage 2019
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Board Approved Continuing Education Provider 2019


  • National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists Board Member/Officer (2004-2012)
  • Bornhava Early Intervention Program Board of Directors Member/Officer (2008-2014)
  • AMTA National Board Director (3/18 – present)
  • NY Chapter Board of Directors 2nd Vice President (2016 – 3/18)
  • NY Chapter Board of Directors Secretary (2013-2016)
  • NY Chapter Western New York Regional Unit Chair (2012-2013)
  • ABMP Member (1999-2015)
  • New York State Medical Massage Therapists Member (2012-2015)
  • Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM) Member (2013 —present)
  • Society of Oncology Massage (S4OM) Governance Committee (2013-3/18)
  • Niagara County Community College Advisory Board Member for Massage Therapy Program (2013-2017)


  • MTF donation award from NYS Chapter 2017


Christine Bailor-Goodlander has been a licensed massage therapist in New York since 2000 and is also licensed in Pennsylvania. She would be a returning member of the national board and has been a member of the National Finance Standing Committee for the past two years.

Christine has been a Registered Nurse since 1985. She began her massage therapy career as a solo practitioner, and over the years, she grew the practice into an independent wellness center that is home to several practitioners. She previously served in various capacities for the AMTA-New York Chapter.

“My inspiration to run for national office was truly my love of this profession. Knowing that I could help make a difference, help increase the profession’s image and reach and assist in bringing the best initiatives to my fellow therapists.” “My interest lies in the Health Care Policy Initiative; education; and development of new and existing collaborative relationships within the medical communities in order to increase awareness of the benefits of massage therapy for integration into healthcare. Because of my background in the medical arena, this particular initiative speaks to me.”

Christine has previous experience with other non-profit health-oriented organizations, including on the Governance Committee for the Society for Oncology Massage and the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists.

Michaele Colizza (RI)

Michaele Colizza


  • Coventry High School, Coventry, RI, Diploma, 1986
  • West Bay Vocational Technical High School Coventry, RI, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certificate, 1986
  • Becker Junior College, Worcester, MA, Associate in Science, Physical Therapy Assistant, Degree, 1991
  • Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, MA, 1991-1994
  • Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, RI, 1994-2003
  • Community College of Rhode Island, Newport, RI, Therapeutic Massage, Certificate, 2001
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, RI, 2001- present
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Certification, 2001-2009
  • Mother Massage®: Massage during Pregnancy, Certification, 2009
  • Continuing Education credits, Massage Therapy related, 2001- present


  • AMTA, National Board, Director, 2018 – present
  • National Audit Commission, 2019
  • RI Chapter President, 2014-2018
  • RI Chapter Vice President, 2008-2014
  • RI Membership Chair, 2008-2014
  • RI Chapter Government Relations Committee, 2003 – present
  • RI Chapter Crisis Massage Team, 2002-2017
  • Crisis Massage Team, RI, 2017 – present
  • RI Chapter Delegate, 2008, 2010, 2011
  • RI Chapter Newsletter Committee, 2008-2010
  • RI Chapter Sports Massage Team, 2002 – present
  • RI Chapter Convention Chair, 2010-2014
  • National Operational Committee, Hub, 2016           
  • West Bay Vocational Technical State Delegate, 1984-1986
  • Girl Scout leader, Cranston, RI, 2002-current
  • Girl Scout leader, Cranston unit, Delegate, 2014,2015,2016,2017
  • Religious Education Teacher, Holy Apostles Church Cranston, RI, 2014 – present
  • Lector, Holy Apostles Church, Cranston, RI, 2019 – present 


  • RI Chapter Meritorious Award, 2011
  • AMTA National Humanitarian Award, 2013
  • RI Chapter State Awards, 2008-2010


Michaele Colizza has been a practicing massage therapist, running her own massage therapy business in Rhode Island, since 2001. She previously was a physical therapist assistant and a Certified Nursing Assistant. Michaele would be a returning member of the national board, where she has served the past year on the Audit Commission.

Michaele has volunteered in many capacities for the Rhode Island Chapter since 2001 and served as chapter president from 2014-2018. She has received the Chapter Meritorious Award and AMTA’s National Humanitarian Award. She is passionate about AMTA’s membership and culture initiatives and mentors students through a local college internship program. She believes the role of chapters is to support, communicate and educate members and the community about the goals of AMTA.

“I am in awe of the compassion, research, and deliberation put into each and every decision made along with its outcome.  All decisions are made with science, data and facts to support them. This process protects our association and has proven to be the best course of action. I am beyond impressed with the intricate details utilized to create the decisions and programs offered.I would like to reinvest the knowledge and training I have received back into other volunteers and chapter leaders.” 

Pat Collins (NY)

Pat Collins


  • Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, Diploma, 2002
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, 2003
  • State University of NY – Empire State, AS Computer Science, 1995
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Nationally Certified, 2003-2014
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Board Certified, 2014 – present 


  • National Government Relations Operations Committee Chair, 2016 – present
  • National Government Relations Operations Committee member, 2014-2016
  • National Slate Selection Commission Chair, 2015 – 2019
  • National Commission on Candidacy Chair, 2014-2016
  • National Commission on Candidacy Member, 2012-2014
  • National Culture Workgroup Member, 2016
  • NY Chapter Financial Administrator, 2016 – present 
  • NY Chapter Education Chair, 2016 – present  
  • NY Chapter Government Relations Committee Member, 2016 – present  
  • NY Chapter Immediate Past President, 2012 – 2014, 2016-2017
  • NY Chapter Communications Committee Chair / Newsletter Editor, 2016
  • NY Chapter President, 2010-2012, 2014-2016
  • NY Chapter 1st Vice President, 2007-2010
  • NY Chapter Government Relations Committee Chair, 2012-2014
  • NY Chapter Convention Committee Chair, 2014
  • NY Chapter Convention Committee Member, 2012-2014, 2016 – present 
  • NY Chapter 3rd Vice President, 2006-2007 
  • NY Chapter Delegate, 2006
  • NY Chapter Southern Tier Unit Chair, 2005 – 2009
  • NY Chapter School Recruitment Designee, 2008-2009


  • National Meritorious Award, 2017
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Slate Selection Commission, 2016
  • NY Chapter Meritorious Award 2009, 2017
  • NY Chapter Outstanding Unit Award, 2010


Pat Collins has been a licensed massage therapist in New York since 2003 and has served in various volunteer roles in her chapter, including chapter president from 2010-2012 and 2014-2016. She would be a new member of the national board.

Pat has been the Chair of the National Government Relations Operations Committee since 2016 and previously served on the committee for two years, before becoming chair. She also served as a member of the National Culture Workgroup in 2016. Pat received AMTA’s National Meritorious Award in 2017.

“In my pre-massage life some of my work entailed designing software, writing user manuals and giving end-user classes. This gave me the ability to see the big picture while mired in minutia, and to think both linearly and creatively to form a big-picture plan with bite-sized tasks to put that big picture together.” “It seems that massage therapists want their (our) profession to be recognized as a health care profession. Being recognized as health care professionals gives massage therapy more credibility not only to others in health care, but also to the general public.  It casts massage therapy in a light of respect and gives others an understanding (of) what we really do.”   

Jane Horton Johnson (GA)

Jane Horton


  • Swainsboro High School, Swainsboro, GA, Diploma, 1980
  • Atlanta School of Massage, Atlanta, GA, Certificate, 1990
  • Massage Therapist, GA, 1990-2006
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, GA, 2006  - present
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, FL, 1993-2019
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Nationally Certified, 2000-16
  • Ohio College of Massotherapy, Akron, OH, Associate of Applied Science, 2004
  • Kennesaw State University, Bachelor of Science, Sociology (Medical), Kennesaw, GA, 2013
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Board Certified, 2016 - present

Experience and Awards:

  • GA Chapter Board Member, 2018 - present
  • GA Chapter Board Liaison to Government Relations, 2018 -  present
  • National Distinguished Service Award, 2018
  • GA Chapter Government Relations Committee Member, 2005-09, 2015-17
  • GA Chapter Outstanding Committee Award, 2017
  • GA Chapter Distinguished Service Award, 2008, 2016
  • GA Chapter President’s Award, 2001, 2004, 2011
  • GA Chapter Local Ordinance Review Committee Member, 2009
  • GA Chapter Georgia Chapter Meritorious Recipient, 2002, 2004, 2009
  • GA Chapter Awards Committee Member, 2009
  • GA Chapter Delegate, 2007-08
  • GA Chapter Policy Committee Member, 2007
  • GA Chapter Policy Committee Chair, 2005-07
  • GA Chapter AMTA National Convention Host Committee Member, 2006
  • GA Chapter Government Relations Committee Chair, 2002-05
  • GA Chapter Bill Writing Task Force Chair, 2004-05
  • National Government Relations Activist Award, 2005
  • National Government Relations Committee Award, 2005
  • GA Chapter 1st Vice President, 2000-05
  • GA Chapter, Government Relations Chair, 2000-05
  • GA Chapter Outstanding Committee Chair Award, 2003-05
  • National Government Relations Committee Member, 2004
  • GA Chapter Outstanding Board Member Award, 2003-04
  • GA Chapter Outstanding Government Relations Achievement Award, 2001, 2004
  • GA Chapter Government Relations Award, 2003
  • GA Chapter Outstanding Government Relations Award, 2002
  • GA Chapter Education/Meeting Planning Committee Chair, 2001
  • GA Chapter Government Relations Committee Achievement Award, 2001

Other Related Volunteer Experiences:

  • Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, 2006-15
  • Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, Board Chair (First Board Chair), 2006-13
  • Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, Policy and Rules Committee, 2006 - 13
  • Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, Board Member, Legislative Liaison, 2013-15
  • Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, GA Delegate (FSMTB), 2009, 2012, 2014
  • Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, Director, 2009-11
  • Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, Model Practice Act Task Force Chair/Member, 2011-14


Jane Johnson has been a massage therapist since 1990 and is licensed in Georgia. She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology, with a concentration in Medical Sociology and Applied Associates Degree in Massotherapy. She would be a new member of the national board.

Jane received AMTA’s Distinguished Service Award in 2018, and has served on the National Government Relations Committee. She has held a variety of positions with her Georgia Chapter for over 19 years. Jane previously served on the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy (2006-15) and was its first chair (2006-2013) when licensure went into effect in the state. AMTA’s Healthcare Policy Initiative especially interests her because of the value massage therapy can provide to relieve pain without side effects.

“I am inspired to run for national office because of my love for serving, my passion for the AMTA, and the value it provides to members and to the massage therapy profession.” “Serving with AMTA has been so positive in my life that I encourage other volunteers to stay involved and solicit members to step up and serve in a leadership role. I aspire to educate and empower volunteers and continue to support them in their role by connecting with them often so they feel included and appreciated as part of the team.”

Scott Raymond (CT)

Scott Raymond


  • Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, NCBTMB, 2018 – present
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Personal Trainer Certificate, 2017 – present
  • NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider, 2017 – present
  • Embodyoga® Teacher Training, Certificate 2010
  • Lotus Palm School, Thai Massage Certification, 1999
  • Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Newington, CT, Diploma, 1998
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, CT, License #1882, 1998 – present
  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Nationally Certified, 1998-2002
  • University of New Haven, New Haven, CT, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Associates, 1987
  • Goodwin Technical High School, New Britain, CT, Culinary Arts Diploma, 1985



  • National Finance Committee, 2019 – present
  • National Human Trafficking Workgroup 2017 - present
  • National Audit Commission, 2017-2019
  • National Board of Directors, 2016 – present
  • Governance Committee Member, 2013-2016
  • Chapter Leadership Training Facilitator, 2013, 2010
  • Membership Structure and Benefits Committee Member, 2010-2011
  • Review Organizational Stipends Committee Member, 2010-2011
  • Chapter Presidents Council, Moderator, 2011-2012
  • Chapter Presidents Council, Moderator Elect, 2010-2011
  • Commission on Candidacy Chair, 2009-2010
  • Commission on Candidacy Member, 2008-2009

New England Regional Conference

  • New England Regional Conference, volunteer, 2008-2015

Connecticut Chapter

  • CT Chapter Delegate, 2014-2016, 2011-2013, 2006-2009
  • CT Chapter Government Relations Chair, 2012-2016
  • CT Chapter President, 2008-2012
  • CT Chapter Community Service Massage Team Member, 2009 – present
  • CT Chapter 2nd Vice President, 2004-2008
  • CT Chapter Sports Team Event Coordinator, 2004-2016
  • CT Chapter Alternate Delegate, 2003, 2005
  • CT Chapter Sports Team Member, 1998 – present


  • National Meritorious Award 2016
  • National Outstanding Volunteer Group, Governance Committee, Member Recipient, 2015
  • National Government Relations Activist Award Recipient, 2013
  • CT Chapter Meritorious Award Recipient, 2012
  • CT Chapter Presidents Award Recipient, 2008


Scott Raymond has been a practicing massage therapist since 1998 and would be a returning member of the national board. He is an NCBTMB-Approved Continuing Education Provider, and is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. He holds his Personal Trainer Certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Embodyoga.  In his massage therapy career, he has worked as an employee, sub-contractor, teacher, and a business owner. 

Scott has served on a variety of national workgroups, committees and commissions, including as a Governance Committee member and Chapter Presidents Council Moderator. He has been an active volunteer in his Connecticut Chapter, including serving a term as chapter president and as chapter government relations chair for four years. He was the 2016 AMTA National Meritorious Award recipient and received AMTA’s Government Relations Activist Award in 2013. 

“By continuing to improve the volunteer culture, collaborating with external stakeholders, raising the bar on educational standards, assisting schools in obtaining accreditation, providing public education to pain management organizations on the benefits of massage therapy, and participating in healthcare panels, we will continue to increase membership numbers. Membership gives us a louder, stronger voice and will continue to ensure that AMTA is the most trusted name in massage therapy.”