Previous Presidents

Charles T. Williams 1943-1944
Ira Lewis 1944-1945
Clark Cottrell 1945-1952
Earl Alexander 1952-1954
Ruth E. Williams 1954-1955
D.S. Carlson 1955-1958
Thomas D. Olson 1958-1959
George D. Gammon 1959-1962
Samuel G. Dahlgren 1962-1965
Thomas R. Fink 1965-1968
Paul Sittler 1968-1971
Frank Persitza 1971-1974
Anne Bergholz 1974-1976
Thomas R. Fink 1976-1978
Darold Hartsook 1978-1982
Pierrette Plouffe 1982-1986
Robert K. King 1986-1990
Elliot D. Greene 1990-1994
Virginia H. Anthony-Barrow 1994-1996
Scott P. Lamp 1996-1997
E. Houston LeBrun 1997-1998
Adela T. Basayne 1998-1999
Maureen A. Moon 1999-2000
Steven C. Olson 2000-2001
Carolyn Talley Porter  2001-2002
Brenda L. Griffith 2002-2004
Laurel J. Freeman 2004-2005
Mary Beth Braun 2005-2007
Leena S. Guptha, D.O. 2007-2008
M.K. Brennan 2008-2009
Judy Stahl 2009-2010
Kathleen Miller-Read 2010-2011
Glenath Moyle 2011-2012
Cynthia Ribeiro 2012-2013
 Winona F. Bontrager 2013-2014
 Nancy M. Porambo 2014-2015
 Jeff Smoot 2015-2016
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"I am very glad to be aligned with a professional organization that gives so much to its members."

Satu F., AMTA member since 2003

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AMTA has long been the leading choice among massage therapists looking to establish themselves within the profession. We provide our members with the strongest benefits and promote massage therapy to the public and health care community.

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