Mission of the American Massage Therapy Association

To serve AMTA members while advancing the art, science and practice of massage therapy.

Core Values

  • We are a diverse and nurturing community working with integrity, respect and dignity.
  • We are a nonprofit member-driven organization of ethical professionals.
  • We embrace consistency in education.
  • We endorse professional standards.
  • We affirm and promote the benefits of massage therapy as validated by research.

Vision Statement

As the most trusted professionals in massage therapy, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) members are integral to health care and wellness.

AMTA’s vision is a future where:

  • AMTA members are devoted to professionalism and excellence in massage therapy practice.
  • Quality research is the foundation for evidence-informed massage therapy education and practice.
  • AMTA supports its members in expanding their knowledge through quality education.
  • AMTA embodies the spirit of community in support of its members.
  • AMTA promotes its members as the highest quality professionals in massage therapy.
  • Massage therapy is easily accessible.
  • Massage therapy is a vital component of health care and wellness.

Strategic Plan

Member Experience

Goal: AMTA members receive and potential members discover the rewards of AMTA membership.
Objective: To increase awareness among members and potential members of the value of AMTA membership.

Professional Competency

Goal: Support high standards in massage therapy education.
Objective: Expand massage therapy education that elevates the professional competency of our members.

Advocacy and Influence

Goal: The health care and wellness industry accepts the value of massage therapy
Objective: Increase understanding of the benefits of massage therapy through education of the health care and wellness industry.

Image and Awareness

Goal: Consumers prefer massage therapy from AMTA members.
Objective: Increase consumer preference for massage therapy provided by an AMTA member.

Industry Relationships

Goal: AMTA is a respected leader within the health care and wellness industry.
Objective: Increase collaboration between AMTA, its members and other health care and wellness industry leaders.


Goal: AMTA members are aware of the importance of scientific research to the massage therapy industry.
Objective: Increase the opportunities for members to access massage therapy scientific research through AMTA sources.

Government Relations

Goal: AMTA works for effective licensing both to ensure the right to practice of massage therapists and to protect the public.
Objective: To establish portability of massage practice throughout the United States and its territories.


Goal: AMTA members experience a sense of community.
Objective: Increase opportunities for members to feel connected to AMTA nationally and locally.

Note:  AMTA’s Future Directions was first developed in May 2003; submitted to the membership and other stakeholders in a call for comment in summer 2003; revised and approved by the AMTA board in October 2003.  This edition of the strategic plan was developed in June 2010 with input from chapter leaders and the membership.

"AMTA is very supportive. I definitely am glad I chose to be an AMTA member."

Bailey L., AMTA member since 2016