Demographic Study of AMTA Members


AMTA’s membership is predominantly female — 85% are female and 15% are male.

50% of AMTA members are between the ages of 35 and 54 with the median age of 49.

  • 1% are age 18-24

  • 13% are age 25-35

  • 21% are age 35-44

  • 29% are age 45-54

  • 36% are age 55+

38% of AMTA members have received at least a bachelor’s degree and 50% have attended some college.

Practice Area Population

  • 30% of AMTA members practive in the South

  • 26% practice in the Midwest

  • 25% practice in the West

  • 19% practice in the Northeast


Practice Time
Massage therapists provide massage therapy close to 20 hours per week, but are only paid for about 16 hours of this time.

Practice Type

  • 74% Sole practitioner with own business

  • 22% Self-employed contractor

  • 25% Employee

Practice Settings
Massage therapists practice in a variety of settings and locations, and in a variety of contractual arrangements. A therapist may practice at several different sites and/or settings in a single day. On average, a massage therapist will work in 1.2 different work settings. Settings that appear to be ‘second jobs’ are in the massage therapist’s home, healthcare, and client’s home or business.

  • 38% Travel to Client Locations
  • 38% Practice in own home
  • 36% Private Practice Solo Office
  • 25% In a healthcare facility
  • 23% In a spa or salon
  • 9% In a health club
  • 4% Massage therapy-only franchise or chain

Health Referrals and Insurance Reimbursement

76% of massage therapists receive referrals from healthcare providers. On average, a massage therapist can expect to receive one to two healthcare referrals per month. 19% accept insurance reimbursement.

How Many Work Full-Time and/or Part-Time?

A full-time practice for massage therapy is about 27 hours per week of actual massage.

  • 7% work 1-17 hours per week
  • 71% work 17-30 hours per week
  • 21% work 31-40 hours per week
  • 1% work 40+ hours per week

How Many Years In the Profession?

Massage therapists have been working in the business for an average of 12 years. However, for most massage therapists, massage therapy was not their first career—83% of massage therapists had other jobs before practicing massage therapy. Business, healthcare, and education related jobs are the most common careers therapists had before entering the massage industry.

  • 38% worked in business prior to massage therapy
  • 21% worked in healthcare
  • 11%worked in education
  • 6% worked in labor/trades
  • 6%worked in art/design
  • 6% worked in hospitality
  • 5% worked in public service/government
  • 3% worked in retail
  • 3% worked in fitness

Updated: May 1, 2010

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