Janelle T. Leonard

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4221 E Newton ST
Seattle, WA 98112-2729
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Phone: (206)788-6777
Website: http://janelleleonard.com

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State License/Certificate: OR 10870


I have more than 20 years of experience working as a licensed massage therapist and energy healer. My intention with the work that I do has always been to help my clients cultivate even more vitality and wellness within their bodies and a relationship to their nervous system. This desire led me to Light + Sound Healing, Quantum Healing work, Shamanic Medicine, and on the physical plane, CranioSacral Release Therapy and SOMA Neuromuscular Integration®.

The overall intention of this work is for you to experience a session where you can learn to release stress, unwind and begin to feel more in balance with your tissues, energy body and nervous system.  Enjoy your body.  Live within Joy.

Janelle Leonard is a Sound Healer, trained Opera Singer & Violist, Völva, Norse Shamanism Seiðr Practitioner, Tibetan Buddhist, Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® & CranioSacral Practitioner in Seattle, Washington.